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Canon ef 16 35mm f 2.8 l usm ultra wide angle zoom lens for canon slr cameras

Canon ef 16 35mm f 2.8 l usm ultra wide angle zoom lens for canon slr cameras






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    Canon ef 16 35mm f 2.8 l usm ultra wide angle zoom lens for canon slr cameras Canon ef 16 35mm f 2.8 l usm ultra wide angle zoom lens for canon slr cameras Document Transcript

    • My Associates StoreShopping CartProduct DetailsCanon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM UltraWide Angle Zoom Lens for Canon SLRCamerasFrom CanonList Price: $2,399.99Price: $1,622.09Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business daysShips from and sold by Electronics Basket9 new or used available from $850.00Average customer review:(16 customer reviews)Product DescriptionAn incredibly compact, wonderfully bright and precise extreme wide angle zoom / Closefocusing to less than one footProduct Details Brand: Canon Model: EF 16-35mm f/2.8L Dimensions: 5.40" h x 5.50" w x 7.20" l, 1.31 poundsFeatures EF mount; ultra-wide zoom lens Super Ultra-low Dispersion glass; inner focusing; aspherical lens; full-time manual focus
    •  16-35mm focal length f/2.8 constant maximum aperture Micro UltraSonic Motor (USM)Editorial ReviewsFrom the ManufacturerTo meet the growing demand of digital SLR owners, this ultra-wide-angle zoom offers a broaderview, fast aperture, and closer focusing down to 11 in. (.28m). The first EF wide-angle zoom tocombine three Aspherical elements and Canon’s UD glass, the lens remains compact whileproviding superior image quality across its range. Constructed to pro standards, it’s also highlyresistant to dust and moisture.A superb lens that covers nearly every professional wide-angle task. Outstanding opticalperformance comes from three Aspherical lens elements, and (for the first time ever in an EFwide-angle zoom lens) two Ultra-low Dispersion UD elements. Weather resistant construction, arear gel filter holder, close-focusing to 11 inches (0.28m), and a circular diaphragm are among itsmany highlights.Customer ReviewsMost helpful customer reviews139 of 141 people found the following review helpful.It doesnt come off my camera much.By Just Anonymous**UPDATE**Canon has released a II version of this lens that is also available on Amazon. It is about $300more than this lens and is advertized to truly solve some very minor problems that the pros reallycare about. The new version has an 82mm front openning vs the 77mm of this lens...what thattranslates into is that if you have a 70-200mm "L" like I do, you can exchange filters between thelenses but not between the new 16-35II which has a larger front openning. For me, I haventnoticed any of the small items they were trying to address with the II version as Im not a ProsPro and a) will keep this lens and b) have noticed that value has been retained on this lens evenafter the release of a more expensive update to the lens. Both are professional lenses in my mindjust depends on your degree of sophistication. Hope it helps.**ORIGINAL REVIEW**I got this lens because I didnt really own anything close to this range except for the kit lens(good but not great and not f/2.8). I do own a 15mm Canon Fisheye but it does distort quite a biteven on the 20D and I dont like to have to correct in Photoshop each time and I wanted a wide
    • lens. I wanted something wider, that could capture lots of light (I do allot of ambient and lowlight photowork) and I wanted something versatile (on a 20D this is really a 24mm to 56mm ---great working range).Pros:1) With the 1.6x crop factor of my 20D this is really a 24 to 56mm lens. This makes it quite a bitless of a wide angle and more of a midrange lens. Consequently, it stays on my camera all thetime and covers most of my daily needs. I bought this lens fully expecting it to be 24 to 56 as Iwanted it to be multi purpose and at 24mm its still pretty wide.2) I try to avoid flash as much as possible given the type of photography I do and at f/2.8 I cantake some great ambient light pictures that I would not be able to do otherwise3) At f/2.8, I can also blow the backgrounds and foregrounds out of focus. The out of focus areasare gorgeously buttery and the blokeh is very nice given the 7 blades of the shutter.4) The color saturation is like nothing Ive ever seen before except with my 70-200mm Canon"L". I was literally floored at some baby pictures I took where the colors were in two words"mind blowing". I knew the color would be great but "WOW!" With Photoshop CS2 I can "fake"saturation but its just not quite the same as the color that came out of this lens straight out of thebox. Zero photoshop touchup needed.5) Its sharp! This lens takes some amazingly sharp pictures into what I would classify asamazing. Ive received numerous positive comments on the sharpness of this lens. Ive triedlooking at the edges to see if theres any CA or less sharpness and couldnt really find any.Maybe on a full size sensor you can tell more but I couldnt really on a 20D. I do notice that theplane of focus at f/2.8 is narrow (which is good) and I have to make sure that everything I wantin focus is. The blokeh is very buttery at f/2.8. I like it quite a bit.6) Its built like a tank. Black metal shell. Metal EF mount. Smooth manual focusing. Sturdyrecessed switches. The red stripe catches the eye of photographers who know....easy to strike upconversations and learn.7) It was surprisingly smaller and lighter than I thought it would be. About half the size of my70-200mm Canon "L". I was expecting it to be bigger and am much happier that it wasnt. Its onmy camera all the time and not a chore to carry around at all. Unless youre a very petite person.8) Internal focusing. So the lens size doesnt change in size or turn when focusing. This is veryuseful when you put filters on or when youre focusing in close.9) USM Motor. Its whisper quiet and it focuses super fast. Faster than my 70-200mm....something Id expect but wow its fast and silent.10) It focuses pretty close 12 inches or so. You can get close to your subject. Its not a macro lensbut you can get some dramatic wide angle shots with its close focusing.
    • 11) Its TTL2 so works very nice with my 580EX flash.12) EF mount will grow with you. If you upgrade your camera body to a full frame camera withan EF mount, this lens will fit your new camera and you can continue to enjoy your lensinvestment.Cons:1) On a 1.6x frame size, it doesnt get into "amazing" wide category but thats not the fault of thelens. Im marking this down as a Con but you can take it several ways. If you want to get ultra-wide on a small frame camera, you wont with this lens (although 24mm is pretty darn wide) andabout your only Canon options are the 15mm fisheye which I own and think is a great specialtylens, the 10-22mm EFS Canon, and the 14mm L. The 10-22 I hear is very good but its EFS (andwont fit the full frame cameras - less upgradable I think) and its not an L lens although for anon-L the 10-22 I hear is exceptional. The 14mm EF L will run you almost as much as this 16-35mm zoom. The 15mm EF Fisheye is wonderful but it is designed to distort and the distortion isvisible on the 20D and even more so on full frame cameras and you need Photoshop to fix. Onthis 16-35mm L, if you want the f/2.8 and are ok with something like 24-56, then you wont findbetter for small-sensor cameras. Im very glad I got it and, if you already have a full framecamera or upgrade at some point, you can enjoy 16mm "WOW" wide. I can only imagine thecoverage Id get on a full frame camera.2) The hood is massive...wide but not very deep...so its a shallow hood (It has to be with thewide angle I guess). I never take it off -- it keeps stray light out and is a secondary protection forthe lens. I have had zero problems with lens flare.3) The front lens element does sink in and out inside the tube (exposed but the lens case doesntchange in size). There is no protective filter to protect that front element. I bought a UV/Hazefilter ($26 from Amazon) and I highly recommend you do as well to protect your investment.With the UV/Haze filter, the lens is very self contained.4) Oh the cost....my oh my. Expensive as heck. Cost as much as my camera body --- worth everypenny. If its any consolation, these lenses are very hard to make and they keep their value. Yourcamera body might drop in value as new technology arrives but this lens will hold its value ifyou take care of it.Differences, Notes, Things Ive heard:1) I have no experience with non canon lenses so I cant compare but this 16-35 is amazing.2) Compared to other "L" lenses, it holds up and the quality is amazing when it comes to color,performance, lens construction.3) I hear there is some Chromatic Aberation at the edges of these wide lenses (well more than the70-200mm) but thats to be expected when youre gathering light from such wide angles andfocusing it....thats got to be hard. Wide angles exhibit more CA than long telephotos. On my 16-
    • 35mm it wasnt visible to me. I imagine a Pros pro might notice care. Anybody with lessstringent requirements than a Pros pro or extremely saavy person, couldnt even notice or care.Besides, CA on this lens is orders of magnitude less than almost any other lens.4) I bought directly from Amazon. Ordered on a Monday got the lens the next day on Tuesday.Amazing service. Great store.70 of 74 people found the following review helpful.Great glass!!!By A CustomerWhat can I say? Yes, its a bit expensive. And yes, it weighs about a ton. But the quality of thislens is absolutely great. If you own a DSLR like the D30, D60 or 10D this lense effectivelybecomes a 25.6-56 mm zoom. Which is great since there arent that many high quality moderatewide-angle lenses available for these DSLRs. If used on a 1Ds or a film SLR then the 16-35suddenly becomes the stuff that dreams are made of. This is one hell of a lens! If you areplanning to buy a wide-angle zoom lens for your EOS camera and are considering the purchaseof a non-Canon lens, dont do it! I used a few of those before buying the 16-35 f/2.8L USM andregretted it almost from day one. Yes, they are cheaper, but if youre serious about photographyin the long run youll end up buying the real thing anyway. So better wait and save up a litllelonger.44 of 49 people found the following review helpful.An "L" of a lens...By F. EhornHaving received some Christmas cash, I put it to good use with the purchase of this lens. Itworks great with my Digital Rebel and certainly is a fine choice for any of the EOS Canons.Sure, it is pricey and a little heavy, but if you want a fast, wide-angle zoom lens, there is littleelse that is equivalent. The zoom range takes you from wide scenics to excellent indoor flashshots at 35mm (with a Canon Speedlite EX accessory). The USM focusing motor is quiet andvery quick. Comes with a Canon lens hood. Dont forget to add a 77mm UV filter to protect theoptics full time!See all 16 customer reviews...My Associates Store | Shopping Cart Browse by CategoryPatio Furniture SetsCamera & Photo Similar Items
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