Insurance for nurse registries


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Insurance for Nurse Registries: Truths and Half Truths demystified. Covers Employer vs Contractor, 1099 Contracts, Scope of Control, Tax Considerations, and Registry Liability Concerns.

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Insurance for nurse registries

  1. 1. Insurance for Nurse RegistriesTruths + Half Truths Demystified<br />Presented By:<br />Ian Norris, CIC<br /><br />Sabal Insurance Group, Inc.<br />Fort Lauderdale, Florida<br /> 800 716 9948 Phone<br />
  2. 2. Registry – Specific Issues <br />Employer v. Contractor<br />1099 Contracts / Agreements<br />Scope of Control <br />MVRs, Background Checks <br />Use of Overly Restrictive Forms / Waivers<br />Tax Considerations (re: Workers’ Compensation)<br />Registry (Corporate) Liability Concerns<br />
  3. 3. Liability Insurance Basics<br />General Liability<br />Covers claims from bodily injury / property damage<br />Professional Liability<br />Covers claims from “professional” services provided to patients/clients <br />Limits of Coverage (Contractual Concerns)<br />“Additional Insured” v. “Certificate Holder”<br />Defense Costs + Awards<br />Auditable v. Non Auditable Policies<br />Sexual & Physical Abuse Coverage<br />Umbrella / Excess Liability Coverage<br />
  4. 4. Caregiver Liability Insurance<br />Certificates of Coverage (New – Renewal)<br />An Additional Line of Defense!<br />Liability – Workers’ Compensation –Tax Matters<br />Payment / Record Retention<br />Sources:<br />  C M & F 800 221 4904<br />HPSO / NSO 888 288 3534<br />
  5. 5. Auto Liability Basics<br />Hired + Non Owned Auto Liability <br />Limits of Coverage (Required / Suggested)<br />Caregiver Auto Insurance (Personal)<br />Patient Auto Insurance (Personal)<br />Owned Vehicles (Corporate)<br />Waiver Forms (When To Use / How To Use)<br />
  6. 6. Workers’ Compensation<br />Under FS 440, an employer in the non-construction industry, who employs four or more part- or full-time employees, must obtain workers’ compensation coverage. Corporate officers are considered employees, unless they elect to exempt themselves from the coverage requirements of Chapter 440. Sole proprietors and partners in the non-construction industry are not considered to be employees unless they elect to be employees. <br />Retention of Caregiver Contracts <br />Retention of Liability Certificates of Insurance (Caregivers)<br />Evidence of Insurance (Corporate)<br />Claims (Defense Of)<br />Named Insureds (Registry v. HHA)<br />
  7. 7. Crime / Employee Dishonesty<br />“Bonded” and Insured (Interchangeable Terminology…to a Point)<br />Third Party Losses<br /> A Fidelity or Commercial Dishonesty Bond (also known as Employee Dishonesty) “third- party fidelity” applies to your client's property. <br />First Party Losses<br /> “First-party” covers your property and<br />Use of independent contractors (1099s)<br />Conviction Clauses<br />Coverage Triggers<br />Enumeration of Internal Financial Professionals <br />
  8. 8. Claim Management<br />Plaintiff’s Counsel<br />Workers’ Compensation Counsel<br />Defense Counsel – Liability – Corporate<br />HIPAA Concerns<br />1099 Concerns <br />
  9. 9. Employment Practices Liability (“EPL”)<br />Employment Practices Liability <br />Covers “HR-type” claims (for example: allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment of employees.)<br />Wage & Hour Coverage (Must be Requested!)<br />Fair Labor Standards <br />
  10. 10. Directors & Officers (“D & O”)<br />Directors & Officers Liability Insurance<br />D&O insurance policies provide coverage for legal actions against the insured for wrongful acts committed at any time prior to the end of the policy term. The coverage applies to amounts that the D’s & O’s are legally required to pay as a result of any claim brought against them as a result of wrongful acts, and includes damages, judgments, settlements and defense costs (but excludes fines, penalties, and any other charges deemed uninsurable.) Penal defense coverage covers fines, penalties, regulatory costs (i.e. workers compensation fines)<br />A D&O insurance policy indemnifies the corporation and its Directors & Officers for wrongful actions which cause financial harm to a third party and result in a lawsuit.<br />Wage & Hour Coverage (Must be Requested!)<br />Packaged With EPL<br />Fair Labor Standards <br />D’s & O’s can be held personally liable<br />Federal Programs<br />LTC Contracts<br />
  11. 11. Property Insurance<br />Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) v. <br /> Replacement Cost (“RC”)<br />Windstorm / Hurricane<br />Electronic Data Processing Coverage<br />(Software/Hardware)<br />Self-Insuring For Property Coverage<br />X – Wind Coverage<br />Business Interruption Coverage<br />Glass Coverage<br />
  12. 12. Independent Contractor Issues<br />Checklists See Attached<br />Waivers See Attached<br />