24 Ways and Strategies on How Anyone Can Blog Right and Get Everybody to Read it
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24 Ways and Strategies on How Anyone Can Blog Right and Get Everybody to Read it



If you want to bring rapid mass traffic to your blog and get paid for following your passion.

If you want to bring rapid mass traffic to your blog and get paid for following your passion.

For more information, please go to http://Rapid-Mass-Traffic.com



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24 Ways and Strategies on How Anyone Can Blog Right and Get Everybody to Read it 24 Ways and Strategies on How Anyone Can Blog Right and Get Everybody to Read it Document Transcript

  • ==== ====For more information please go to:http://Rapid-Mass-Traffic.com==== ====At the end of 2004 blogs had established themselves as a keypart of online culture. "Blog readers soars 58% in2004 6 million Americans get news and information fed to thethrough RSS aggregators But 62% of Americans onlineI do not know what a blog "-. Pew Internet & American LifeProjectTip # 1 - How and where do I start?You should begin your blog with a free blog service hostingas Blogger (http://www.blogger.com), or similarfree services such as JournalHome.com, LiveJournal.com orBlog-City.com. The learning curve for the free use of suchservices allow you to spend more on content developmentinstead of worrying about the advanced areas of scripting,hosting, or programming.Tip # 2 - Things you should decide to write aboutAlthough not a prerequisite for you towrite a blog, it is advisable to try to find atopic to write on the basis of their level of interest andKnowledge. The higher your level of interest, the easieris for you to get your quality content posted on his blog.Always try to choose an area that can be enthusiasticallyjournaling basis.Try to pay attention to a nichewhat suits you. A niche is basically a specificproduct, service or topic.Tip # 3 - Always stay on topic.Opinions are generally accepted, but the content of articleson the blog should all relate to a general theme. TheMost readers will be interested?? in the contentthat relates to a defined topic or slightlyarea of ??interest. Define a topic and try not to run too farfar from it. This will ensure that you create a loyalfollowing of interested readers.
  • Tip # 4 - Information is king, be informative.If you are trying to create the impression that they areknowledge of a particular industry or sector, be sureto be aware of the news. Checking the factsyou are giving an opinion or a review of the product is always agood idea, your reputation is at stake. If by chancewho are using other peoples articles of your blogcontent, be sure to follow the terms of use definedby the author.Tip # 5 - Old news is not news, but the information may be oldrecycled and made new.While blogging every day can bestrenuous and time consuming, it is important that theinformation presented is accurate and current. Informationarticles or other resources archived can be recycled /modified to add more substance to their content. Provided thatthat are relevant and informative, there is no reason why it isnot a good approach.Tip # 6 - Be disciplined and stick to a fixed offsetschedule.Realizing that blogging requires time and effort,not create unrealistic expectations and not being abledeliver. If you have worked hard to develop an audience anda community that does not lose for lack ofcommunication. If time is on your side, taketons of automatically updating content that isavailable for your blog. As for the constant updatenature of RSS feeds, RSS feeds from other similar theme canis inserted into your blog post.Tip # 7 - Frequency Offset.If the content of your blog is updated frequently, search enginesthey will tend to spider the pages at regular intervals. Updateyour blog daily not only keeps your blog more interestingreaders, but also gives your blog fresh content on a dayday making it more attractive to search engines. To maintaintraffic to your blog and keep the interest of visitors is amust update your blog daily with multiple entries. Youshould try to update your blog everyday with at least 2 to 3or more daily entries, depending on your daily schedule.Tip # 8 - Number matters.
  • To attract the attention of search engines,will have to produce a significant amount of content andinformation. A title or a simple sentence will notgenerate the interest of readers or help with search engineranking. Be sure to archive old blog posts to develop agreat content portal similar theme.Tip # 9 - Clarity and simplicity / short and concise.Keep your posts and blog entries clear and easy tounderstand. Simplicity always produce better results in theend of the day.Apart from the lengthy article a week for syndication andpublishing blog entries should be brief and concise (ifYou can help). If you insist on taking part in thelong way, try to maintain a clean paragraph style,proper spacing, use of different sizes in color, and bold fortitles and subtitles. Use bullets, goto the point and never run out of topic. Insertimages to spice things up if youre an avid fan of timejobs.Tip # 10 - Use the "span" tags and "code".Being one of the few most underutilized blogging formattinglabels, these two elements can help emphasize certainpoints, the most effective and surprising. Formatis simple and straightforward. Only post in a blockquote tag, and your message will apearclearly different from the rest of your text, soreceives more attention it deserves. Note that thethe format of these 2 different brands from blog to blogdepending on how you define the owner of the label on the CSS(Cascading Style Sheets). Click the link below if you want to read more about CSS.http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.aspTip # 11 - rich in keywords.If the goal of your blog is to increase its visibility,include related keywords in the title of the blog. Usetitle as a title to attract interest. Each message elementmust have a title that will attract attention, but stillrelevant to the post. The title should be more than10-12 words. Experience with titles if necessary,possibly, try to avoid general titles and ordinary. Tryinclude unique and innovative titles to capture the
  • readers attention.Tip # 12 - spelling and proofreading.It only takes a few extra minutes and can save you fromhaving to give embarrassing explanations. The dangers ofInternet is that if you are too late to correct his mistake,most likely already has been driven by the search enginesand read by many. It is very essential to think / testCarefully read twice or even three times, which publishesbefore doing so. Take note of your language and grammar.Tip # 13 - RSSRSS a blog is as fuel for cars. Mostly free of any and allblogs and blogging software out there will have an automaticRSS feed generation function. Although it is highly unlikelyyou will find no RSS feature, just leaveand find a new one, if you happen to one of them, withoutit.Tip # 14 - The essence of the Internet - Traffic.Notsecret. Must have traffic for the definition of ablog .. There are many ways to build traffic. Paid andfree advertising, viral marketing, search engine marketing,RSS / XML, word of mouth, presenting numerous blogRSS and directories, etc (RSSBlogsubmithttp://www.rssblogsubmit.com) offers a delivery servicefor your blog and RSS feeds. You should always use a blogURL in the signature of your email, forumdebates, forums, or any other communicationmedia. Never forget to share your blog with your friends,colleagues and other envious we know.Tip # 15 - Follow Your BlogTracking your blog does not have to be too sophisticatedusually a simple free page counter as StatCounter.com,ActiveMeter.com, Extremetracking.com or Sitemeter.com isdo the trick. Install (copy / paste) the code in the HTMLyour blog template and start tracking your visitors. Itsbetter to use a service that gives you advanced trafficanalysis, such as keyword tracking information,information, and information search engine. Visitors,returning visitors and unique visitors should be standardfor any page counter service you choose.
  • Tip # 16 - Make use of statistical information and track your blog.Believe it or not, the information from its visitorsfrom the tracking script will provide pricelessinformation on how to attract more readers. Notein terms of keywords used in search engines that bringthat traffic. Can identify relevant closely relatedissues that can venture into and add variety toyour blog, however, remain long on the subject. In short, morecoverage of issues and more variety = more traffic. You cananalyze tracking information on how tostrategies contents of your blog. You can also apply somestrategies for keyword optimization here.Tip # 17 - The essence of your blog is your audience, listento them.Always interact with your readers to submit commentson his blog. Reply with a brief note of thanks or justsimply attend if they have any questions. Is aproven fact when there is a direct human interaction andknow that there is a "real man" on the otherend of the blog makes most of them to return. If youraudience suggestions, comments or feedback, takeconstructively and inform them if you have any desireapplication of these ideas in their next update. YOf course, do not forget to thank them for their ideas. Ifa great idea, why not throw in a gift? The mention of hiswebsite in your blog?Tip # 18 - Develop and enhance the "Why should I return" Value to Your Blog.Everyone knows that the fact that blogs have a high level ofreturn to visitors due to its constant updatingcontent. Why not add interesting elements to thereturn the value to be fixed periodic messages and offers, for example,Monday 10 best tips, Picture of the week, the Free BonusFunds of the month, free newspaper, etc. to give the absoluteexcuse to go back to your blog. As long as you caneffective and appropriate to increase that return valueconstantly, is largely to ensure that you will be receivingtons of repeat visitors, at the time.A notice, prelaunch announcement or anythingsimilar to that which can also act as a return value in the short termstrategy. Encourage readers to comment on his remarks adsOr the messages. Experiment and play with this idea.
  • Tip # 19 - Several blogs.It never hurts to use multiple blogging accounts to attractmore people. You can even have multiple blogs withinBlogger.com itself, but also may want to try differentfree blogging services, such as the JournalHome.comLiveJournal.com, Blog-City.com, etc. If you have thethe urgency of having multiple similar duplicates of your blog onlyto get more traffic, it is prudent to avoid as the searchpower engines and directories that could be translated as excessiveredundant information that only brings problems, andwhich is likely to be penalized, banned or even accused ofspamming.Tip # 20 - Digital art, creative graphic design.Another proven fact - monotonous and continuous display of text will make yourreaders away! Try to include not display advertising,images, photos, and art in your blog entries, but try tokeep them in a limit. Too many graphics also mean slowerloading time and the messy text and graphics combination. Youdo not want your blog look cluttered. Most of the time,graphics can bring your blog to life. Images can makeboring texts interesting no matter how long it is. Graphicelements are by far the fastest part message deliveryavailable online today. It may deliver several messagesfor a split second look.Tip # 21 - Keep a personal blog.A blog is most successful when held personal. Tryinclude personal experiences which relates to the issue ofyour blog entry. Stay away from the business style of thewriting. Write with a more personal style and use of firststories of people. Share reviews of products and personalefforts, rather than trying to do what seems like youresale.Tip # 22 - The credibility and popularity.As it progresses, things must change to meetwith the flow and the nature of development. If the number ofreaders are quite large, and still with a blogservice to get your messages, you may want to considerget your own domain name and hosting plan for greaterCustom Blog.
  • Domain names and hosting plans are more or lesseasy. Research is all it takes to get theBest of all available options. For the more highlylist of free blogging software do you recommendout there, go through the http://www.opensourcecms.com. Itby far the best place to go if you want to get yourconducted research on the software that blogs to choose from.Reviews, ratings, public votes, demonstrations, etc. provided. Andit is best that all of them are open source, which meansthat are completely free. Try going through the serverrequirements for each program before purchasing aweb hosting.Tip # 23 - Customize the look of your blogIf you happen to be using one of the free blogging servicesout there, you may notice that most of us are using thesame template again and again by our blogs. Yesunderstands that not everyone has the technical knowledge tochange the design and the way we want, but if you haveknowledge, by all means try to customize and makelook different. You can get that special attention, if youdifferent in some way. Cree that the image itself.Tip # 24 - Blog and EarnOnce your blog has gained some real momentum and your blogtraffic is increasing, then it is time to start thinkingif you want to convert your traffic into profit. Some of theincome-generating sources recommended are: -Google Adsense, Amazon Associate program (www.amazon.com)Blogads.com, Crispads.com, Tagword.com, Affiliate Programsand all related text ad links can be your place tobegin.Tip # end - Conclusion.Following these tips should make your blogging blogexperience much more rewarding. Blogging is usually doneinterest and enthusiasm and sometimes incomegenerate effects. The flexibility of blogs never willleft to expand. Over time, dedication and persistenceyou will be rewarded with all copyright blogs.About this AuthorJohn Teh is an avid blogger, exposed to the fun and the extreme possibilities of blogs on the web.
  • Learn more about the authors home page.http://www.rssblogsubmit.comAbout the author:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Teh==== ====For more information please go to:http://Rapid-Mass-Traffic.com==== ====