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  • 1. Architecture & Art in
  • 2. Venice a headquarter for outstanding architecture and artconveys the best of the Byzantine and Roman Empires.Venice was founded in 421 A.D. It is made up of 118small islands connected by bridges and canals.
  • 3. Venicecan betouredby foot or byVaporettoWhich is awater bus.That’s the bestway toenjoy the view ofthe city’s
  • 4. The gondolas float sensually along the narrow canals,caressing the water and enchanting the ridersby casting a romantic spell through the air.
  • 5. The RialtoBridge is anepitome symbolof all that is sowonderfullyItalian:stunning,inspiring andutterlyromantic. It isthe oldestbridge crossingthe Grand Canaland standstoday astestament thata little visionand risk takingcan go a long
  • 6. Opera is oneof thedivine arts thatbloomed inVenicevery early.TeatroDi San Cassianois the firstopera housein Italy.Teatro La FeniceIs anotherSpectacularTheater inVenice.
  • 7. Palazzo Ducale on St Mark’s Square is Very famous for being the Doge’s residence.Ca D’Oro represents Gothic architecture.It’s name means golden house because the faacde is covered by Gold.Ca D”Orocan be can be accessed through a corridor directly from the canal.Ca’Foscari is known for becoming a renowned university in our present time..
  • 8. Venice is a must see whenvisiting Europe.It is the city of loveand romanceAn imminent destination forlovers.
  • 9. Works CitedFreeman, Charles. “St Mark’s Square An Imperial Hippodrome?.” History Today54.4 (2004): 39-45. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Mar. 2013Iron, I., & Verita, M. (2012). Analytical investigation on Renaissance Venetianenamelled glasses from the Louvre collections. Journal OfArchaeological Science, 39(8), 2706-2713. Web. 1 Mar. 2013“revival in Venice,” Time 60.6(1952): 50. Academia Search Complete. Web. Frommers.“Introduction to Venice.” The New York Times. N. p. 2009. Web. 1 Mar. 2013A special thank you to Shadia Igram for providing the pictures.