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Descriptive vs

  1. 1. DESCRIPTIVE vs. PRESCRIPTIVE Approach in Teaching Grammar
  2. 2. What is descriptive grammar? • "describes" how language is used by its speakers. • does not deal with what is good or bad language use. • E.g.: I am older than her. • Explanation: Subject pronouns (she, he, it, and so on) are paired with a verb, whereas object pronouns (her, him, it, and so on) are not.
  3. 3. Descriptive Approach • Observe principles that describe the way the language is actually spoken • The goal of the descriptive approach is a description and knowledge of rules (principles) of how the language is actually spoken
  4. 4. What is prescriptive grammar? • "prescribes" how speakers should use the language. • rules about the structure of a language. • deals with what the grammarian believes to be right and wrong, good or bad language use; not following the rules will generate incorrect language
  5. 5. • a set of rules and examples dealing with the syntax and word structures of a language, Examples of common prescriptive rules • Do not use ‘ain’t’ • Do not use a preposition to end a sentence with • Pronounce the -ing at the end of words, not - in’
  6. 6. • E.g.: I am older than she (is older).] • than' is a conjunction; it joins two like forms: "I am older" with "she is older", giving "I am older than she is older", but speakers omit the last part "is older" because it's redundant. Nevertheless, according to prescriptive grammar, 'than' functions as a conjunction, so speakers should use "she" in that context.
  7. 7. Prescriptive Approach • Attitudes toward language based on what is held to be “correct” by socially prestigious elements and by teachers • This attitude evinces complete disregard for the way a community actually speaks
  8. 8. Similarities in Differences • Both are concerned with rules. • Des.Gram (linguists): study the rules or patterns. • Pres.Gram (teachers, editors): lay out rules about what they believe to be the “correct” or “incorrect” use of language.
  9. 9. Reference: • grammar/f/descpresgrammar.htm • ptive-grammar.html • descriptive-grammar.htm • prescriptive-grammar.htm
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