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Psychiatrists and medical consultants pinpoint the fact that most of the personality traits are developed up in early age, mostly referred to childhood. The foundation of personality depicts childhood as an essential part of the life, which can be built or destroy one’s personality in the early age.

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View two movies focusing on adolescent development

  1. 1. View Two Movies Focusing OnAdolescent DevelopmentBased on Thirteen and This is England
  2. 2. 1Adolescent DevelopmentINTRODUCTION: Psychiatrists and medical consultants pinpoint the fact that most of the personality traitsare developed up in early age, mostly referred to childhood.The foundation of personality depictschildhood as an essential part of the life, which can be built or destroy one’s personality in theearly age.The issues which are being discussed in this research are related to the childhood andadolescence problems in new generation. According to the psychiatrists nowadaysproblems arearising amongchildren, their families and the surrounding they belong to. These problems maybe due to the disorder of psychopathology of children and the relationship with their families.The bitter life experiences they have been gone through and the separation of their parents maylead to some of the adolescence problems.In accordance with the treatment of child adolescent problems, psychiatrist analyzesthebiological, psychological, genital, demographical, environmental and historical factor of a child’slife. Children of young age are more sensitively responsive towards the stimuli of theirsurroundings. Their social circle and the environment they possess in their families, therelationship of their parents and the environment of their school and social gathering. The otherfactors may contribute in this respect, but the mentioned factors influenced more towards theadolescent problems.
  3. 3. 2Adolescent DevelopmentJAFFE AND GOLDEN CONTRIBUTIONS: Many researchers have their studies on the issue of child adolescence, but Jaffe andGolden have viable contributions in this respect. Jaffe’s book “Adolescent Risk Behaviors” andGolden’s “Case studies in child and adolescent counseling” provides the practical cases andexamples of child and adolescence problems. The cases identified the reasons behind theseproblems and the counseling techniques to cure the problems.They have mentioned the issues of teenagers being involved in sexual abuse, drug addiction andother loose character activities adopted by the teenagers. Other social issues as involvement inthe street crimes, unethical activities and most of the time school drop-outs are also resultedadolescent problems. Golden, (2001) he explained that counseling is one of the ways to handle these problems.His book is directly related with most of the children cases who are involved in sexual activities,drug abuse and cases of children belongs to separate families. Jaffe, (2006) referred in his book that the adolescent problem has raised due to theweakness of the relationship of children and their family and especially separated parentrelationship. Happiness and strong bonding of the relationship can prevent the diversion ofteenagers and young children towards the unethical and immoral behaviors like violence anddating with unknown people, unsafe activities of sex, substance abuse, and sexual assault. He elaborates the differences in between the connections built in relationship and thelevel of risks in these relations. He explained the key points of running a successful and effectivecampaign to encourage the adolescent programs in schools and communities. According to Jaffe,
  4. 4. 3Adolescent Development(2006) the key point to handle this problem is to remove the barriers between the familyrelationsespecially communication gap between parent and children should be removed.MEDIA CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS CHILD HOOD ADOLESDCENCE:Media has also felt its responsibility towards the spreading issues of child adolescence and itsimpact on the life of the child and on the society. This research paper is based up on the analysis of two movies: “Thirteen” by CatherineHardwicke and “This is England” by Shane Meadows. These both movies are highlightingthe adolescence problems when the children are growing up and they wanted to do each andeverything by their own ways. They might be misguided by anyone presents in theirsurroundings. Teenagers might beindulging with under-sexual activities, drug addiction, alcoholaddiction and very dangerously self-mutilation(Catherine Hardwicke, 2003).THIRTEEN:In the first movie THIRTEEN according to Hadwickea 13 years old girl’s story was described.She was a good student during her academics and loves to write poetry. Her mother was adivorcee and was addicted of alcohol and professionally she was a hairdresser. The movie was revolving around the girl called Tracy and the wrong things she has doneto herself and to society. The movie depicts the impact of family relation and parents divorce onthe life of a child. On the other hand, it reflects the cruel situations faced by the poor children inschools in accordance with their appearance and the teasing comments they received from others.Along with that it also indicates that the company a child possesses has an also greater impact onhis personality building. She had a friend named Evie who was not a loyal friend of her. She
  5. 5. 4Adolescent Developmentnever stopped her from the wrongdoings rather encouraged her to stay linked with thoseactivities.As a result Tracy was involved in steeling things, drug addiction, sexual activities specially oral-sex with the boys of teenage group.At last Tracy was end up with guilt in herself. Her mother realized her daughter’s problems andthen make her realized that she is with her in every difficult situation. Tracy realized her mistakeof being hatred her mother for her divorce and decided to choose the right path.THIS IS ENGLAND: In this movie the social and societal issues of youngsters are shown related to the childrenwhoare being involved with the sub-cultural skinheads. The story is revolving around a 12-yearboy SHAUN, who was the topic of humiliating jokes from the others in regard of his father. Hisfather died as Falkland conflict victim. To take revenge and to get rid of the humiliating life hejoined the skinhead group and was indulged with anti-social activities. The main issue wasracism in England and the problem of xenophobia. These were raised in the region due to highunemployment and the war of Falkland (Shane Meadows, 2006).CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF MOVIES: In both the movies the main problem indicated about the child and adolescence was thefamily and child relationship and the environment in which he spent his most of the time. Singleparents have to run their family on their own and so their children have to survive from a badfamily environment. The reasons behind those parents do not have much time to spend with their
  6. 6. 5Adolescent Developmentchildren. This negligence will affect their children’s life and they got addicted to drugs, alcoholor got in to sexual and self-mutilation.The other issue is related to the behavior of the society to those children who have lost one oftheir parents and have to bear the situation of poverty. They will ultimately indulge with theseactivities and also move towards the criminal activities to take revenge from society.Society has greater responsibility towards these children because bad behavior of society couldrotten the life of a person who could be of more competencies and could serve the society inbetter manner.RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHILD AND ADOLESCENCE PROBLEMS:The communication between parents and child could eliminate most of the psychological andbehavioral problems of adolescent age of young people.Teachers and community should take initiative to aware the children of primary and high schoolabout the dangerous effects of sexual and drug addiction.Divorced parents shouldrealize their individual responsibility and should attend regular meetingsso they could be aware of the events of their child’s life and could guide them for the maters oftheir social circle.The children who are already involved in these types of activities should be counseled.
  7. 7. 6Adolescent DevelopmentReferences Golden, (2001).Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling (vol.3) Jaffe, (2006). Adolescent risk behaviors; why teens experiment and strategies keep them safe. “Yale University Press”, Vol.1. This is England, (2006). Retrieved on 22nd April, 2013. Thirteen, (2003). Retrieved on 22nd April, 201ss3.