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Search engine optimization- Why your website needs it?
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Search engine optimization- Why your website needs it?


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This presentation throws light on search engine optimization for your website, the need of SEO, the process of SEO, what all is involved and what advantages SEO offers for your business.

This presentation throws light on search engine optimization for your website, the need of SEO, the process of SEO, what all is involved and what advantages SEO offers for your business.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Search Engine optimization
    Why your website needs it?
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 2. What is Search engine optimization?
    Definition- Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. *
    In simple language- it is process of improving the position of your website for target keywords to generate more traffic, more visitors for your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc
    * source-
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 3. Why I need SEO for my Website?
    The global search volume is currently 100 million searches every month.
    People reach your website by searching in “Search Engines” for services rather directly typing your website URL.
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 4. How SEO can help me achieve it?
    Get your website on first page of search engines for target keywords
    Increase targeted traffic for your website
    Increase business enquiries
    Increase sales volume
    Low or zero expenses in traditional advertising mediums
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 5. Organic SEO vs. Paid Search?
    10% clicks
    Organic results
    90% of clicks
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 6. Organic SEO vs. Paid Search?
    People trust organic results more
    Organic results- does not cost no matter how many clicks you receive BUT in Paid results- you pay per click (hence called PPC)
    Better ROI with organic results than PPC
    Moment you stop PPC campaign, your traffic is zero BUT Organic SEO results stay there for longer period.
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 7. What all is involved in SEO process
    Website analysis and changes
    Keyword research & finalization
    On page optimization
    Off page optimization
    Link building
    Content optimization
    Social media optimization
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 8. Website analysis and changes
    Often websites are not fully developed keeping SEO in view, so your website may need changes to make it SEO friendly
    Add the Meta title, description and Keywords to website
    Optimize the images with ‘Alt’ tag and keywords
    Remove elements which search engine crawlers hate (e.g. iframes)
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 9. Website analysis and changes
    Optimization of site directory structure, site map & internal navigation
    We optimize the URL’s throughout as part of website URL optimization.
    Shallow folder structurewith relevant words
    Keywords in page name,
    separated by hyphen
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 10. Keyword research & finalization
    Review the website services & prepare a list of recommended keywords
    Analyze the competitor’s websites & review keywords as used by them
    Analyze the complete list with keyword analysis tools & prepare final list
    Discuss with client & prepare the final list for SEO campaign
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 11. On-page optimization
    Content review & optimization
    Add the Meta title, description and keywords to website
    Add/update the content to make it search engine friendly
    Checking for website errors such as broken links, 404 errors
    Google XML sitemap creation
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 12. Off page optimization
    Submission of site to Search engines- this helps faster indexing of your website by search engine crawlers.
    Link building campaigns- we spread link for your website to join hands with trusted websites which search engines already trust.
    Directory submission- submit to relevant business directories
    Article submissions- submit to article websites as this helps in increasing the traffic for your website
    Blog Submissions- similar to article but you need approval from moderators as in case of articles.
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 13. How I can measure the results of SEO?
    We provide various reports which help you track the progress:
    Monthly keyword ranking reports
    Monthly traffic report from Google analytics
    Monthly directory submission report
    Monthly link audit report
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 14. Why I need to continue with SEO to keep my site there?
    To stay head of competition- if we stop the campaign, your competitors will supersede who continue with their SEO campaigns
    To protect from Search engines algorithm changes & work toward to keep your position intact
    To maintain the website’s rank position to maintain the continuous business inflow.
    Saamarth Technologies
  • 15. Presentation by: Saamarth Technologies
    Phone- +1 201 984 3219
    Skype- saamarthtechnologies
    Feel free to ask questions -
    Feel free to distribute this presentation for educational use.
    Saamarth Technologies