The Finnish Folk high school in Gothenburg


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A presentation in English of the Multicultural

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The Finnish Folk high school in Gothenburg

  1. 1.  The school was founded 1993 as a result of the efforts by many Finnish people who lived in the north east of Gothenburg. the target group has changed and expanded during the years to include different ethnic groups residing at the schools neighborhood.
  2. 2.  The Swedish National Council of Adult Education FBR. The national authority for vocational training. The West Götaland regional authority. The city of Gothenburg. The Swedish Public Employment Service. European Lifelong Learning program.
  3. 3. Qualified vocational Trainings programFolk High School Esthetic general long short courses courses The Finnish Folk High School Foundation The Victoria Swedish as a Multicultural second language Preschool program
  4. 4.  The main aim of our school is to strengthen the cultural identity of immigrants and to help in the integration process into the Swedish society. We work to achieve: lifelong learning, personal development, democracy, a climate of anti- racism and anti-discrimination.
  5. 5. students per program typeNumber of fulltime students / Percent Vocational training 47 General folk 13% high school courses 145 Swedish as a 39% foreign language (SFI) 140 37% Esthetics courses 40 11%
  6. 6.  There are about 400 students at our school. We have about 50 staff members of which two thirds are pedagogues. Our staff and students represent together 25 different ethnic groups living in Gothenburg
  7. 7. Higher studies intended for students who want Preparatory course to improve their attainmentsMulticultural program before applying to a university 15 studentsGeneral course 3rd year Intended for students aiming Multicultural to study at secondary and programme upper secondary school level 25 students General course 2nd intended for students with year Multicultural programme longer educational background 25 studentsGeneral course 1st year Ethnical oriented intended for students with short program educational background 75 students
  8. 8.  The core subjects are Swedish, English, mathematics, civics and computer training . There are also elective courses in the curriculum. The courses provide proficiency on elementary, secondary or/and upper secondary school levels and provide basic qualifications for higher studies.
  9. 9.  Intended for Finnish speaking participants held once a week Subjects:  Oil painting  Music  Ceramics
  10. 10.  Intended for immigrants living in Sweden who lack Swedish language skills Three study paths depending on study background D C B C B A Beginners Path1 Path2 Path3
  11. 11.  Training degree program in behavior pedagogy with psychiatric and ethno cultural profile. Post secondary school studies for those who want to get the qualification to work in the social work field.
  12. 12.  Our preschool has 18 places for children between the ages of 1-5. The preschool staff includes a Montessori pedagogue, three nursery workers and a chef. The preschool can also offer students at the Folk High school work placement.