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Zong final project 1
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Zong final project 1

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  • 1. process developing employees organization
  • 2.    
  • 3.      
  • 4.      
  • 5.      
  • 6. Chief HRM Officer Director HRM Senior HR Manager Regional HR Manager Assistant HR Manager Team Leader Team
  • 7. Planning Recruitment Selection Orientation Performance Appraisals Safety and Health Competent High-Performing Workers Training & Development Compensation & Benefits Human Resource Management Process
  • 8. Job Specification
  • 9. Hierarchy is very different in zong. Like in PTCL’s AM is Simply an Officer in the ZONG Grade is equal but hierarchy is different. Directors of Zong held a meeting, if there is any vacancy of manager or senior manager and match the CV’s of different candidates. If Internally a candidate is selected then ZONG do the HAF close
  • 10. Compensation and Benefits Most important HR Processes The compensation and benefits is about managing The personnel expenses budget Setting the performance standards Setting the transparent compensation policies Introducing the competitive benefits for employees. Arkam Officer ZONG HQ, ISLAMABAD
  • 11. Full employee’s packages Payroll Incentives Salary package Bonuses Allowances Contractual or permanent Cell package Cell number Leaves House allowances Rent allowances ZONG deals in
  • 12. HUMAN RESOURCE OPERATIONS Equipment Laptop Fuel card Employees card Initial id’s Employees problems Employee’s queries Any conflicts between employees Employee’s grievances Hasnain Malik HR operation Manager ZONG HQ, ISLAMABAD All operations activities are done by this domain
  • 13. In short, joining kits is prepared by this department At the time of joining, this joining kit is handover by the IT department to the candidate
  • 15. DEALS IN ORIENTATIONS New employees orientation Full organization visit Tells about hierarchy Visits different department, its heads, managers, their duties, daily routine work Department process and policies Visits different regions Tells the candidate about their region, his work, his department, his reporting line manager. Will take up to 3 days Involves 14 department’s POC.
  • 16. DEALS IN TRAINING Training involves cost of the company Company always see their benefit as well as employee’s career path. Whether the employee wants to excel their career path or not. With this company find out the TNA with the help of Performance Appraisal System
  • 17. Employee Training What deficiencies, if any, do jobholders have in terms of skills, knowledge, or abilities required to exhibit the essential and necessary job behaviors? Is there a need for training? Performance Appraisal What tasks must be Completed to achieve Organization al goals? What behaviors are necessary for each jobholder to complete his or her job duties?
  • 18. “It is the process of evaluating the performance of employees, sharing that information with them and searching for ways to improve their performance’’.
  • 19.  This system helps the OD department to sort out any discrepancy of any employee  Like an employee main duty is analysis but he don’t know the excel. Pre assessment form.  Training employees, we design the training calendar.  We also calculate the total expense of training as well as examine the trainer.  Invitation to the employees for training.  Invitations involves time period, locations etc..
  • 20. Training Methods Public Programs Conferences Internal Facilitator Training Institutions On Job Training Films and Videos
  • 21. Post assessment form Training feed back program Analysis Feed back of line management Data compile
  • 22.  Motivation of ZONG employees is based on two factors, intrinsic and extrinsic.  Intrinsic due to fast growing image of ZONG  Extrinsic due to attractive pay scale together with basic facilities such as medical play important role to keep the employees motivated.
  • 23.  Promotion is given on the basis of performance  PMO (Project management office) introduces many club memberships, game shows, lunch arrangement and many more for employee to be motivated., as well as tenure.  Special achievement awards at each individual level, team awards, department awards and division awards.
  • 24.  Reward system policies are strictly practiced at ZONG. Employees are paid when they are supposed to pay.  Other rewards are also fast but they are mostly tenure based rather than performance based.  Policies shows that rewards are totally performance based but in actual this policy is not followed strictly.  Mostly rewards are determined by the organizational membership and seniority.
  • 25.  Maximum jobs of ZONG are not hazardous to health so, there is no such need of health measurements.  Though everybody wants to be safe and that’s why when you visit some ZONG office to meet someone of a high designation level. You need to fulfill various safety measures.
  • 26. Strength GTP No Communication barriers Motivation Weakness Turn-over Ratio Limited advertise
  • 27. Opportunity Fresh Graduate International Training Programs Promotions Threats Employees Competitors