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CNHELSAdsp PPT session 1
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CNHELSAdsp PPT session 1


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Session 1 powerpoint presentation for CNH ELSA digital storytelling project, Spring 2011.

Session 1 powerpoint presentation for CNH ELSA digital storytelling project, Spring 2011.

Published in: Education, Sports
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  • 1. Digital Storytelling
    Workshop for CNH ELSA 3 students
    Spring 2011
    Session 1: Introduction
  • 2. What is digital storytelling?
    Short, personal stories using words, photos, music and computers
    Usually, people make digital stories for themselves and to share with others
  • 3. Why?
    To share an important or meaningful story
    To write with your own voice
    To celebrate or remember something/someone
    To learn more about each other through our stories
    To learn new computer and technology skills
    To practice and use English!
  • 4. What are we going to do?
    Make and share digital stories!
  • 5. How?
  • 6. When?
    Throughout the month of May, most of the work (writing, editing, collecting photos, recording oral stories, creating a digital story) will be done. It will take 15 – 20 hours of class time, or more…?
  • 7. When the digital stories are done, we will have a ‘screening party’ and watch our videos as a whole group!
  • 8. Why?
    Digital storytelling is an interesting way to work on English skills (including writing, speaking, reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation). Sharing digital stories through the Internet is easy (but optional).
    Sara is designing and teaching this project as a requirement for her Master’s degree in Education
    Carla has welcomed Sara to come and work with the ELSA students. Carla, Beth, and all students who participate will help Sara by giving feedback and suggestions about the project.
  • 9. Why storytelling?
    Read these questions and share your ideas with a partner:
    1. Why do people tell stories?
    2. How many different ways can we tell stories?
    3. Do you remember someone telling your stories when you were young?
    4. Do you read or tell stories at home? If yes, explain: with whom? How?
    5. What is the name of your favourite story? What is it about?
  • 10. Why digital storytelling?
    photos + your story + your voice
    = A great story!
  • 11. Photo Credits(all images used under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license )
    Slide 1 & 5:
    Slide 5:
    Slide 7:
    (movie screening) 4081571617/