C1 assessed activity

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Introductory slide show for year 7 class doing an APP activity for AF4

Introductory slide show for year 7 class doing an APP activity for AF4

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  • 1. C1 Assessed Activity AF4: Indigestion Remedies
  • 2. What is indigestion?
    • Feeling sick
    • Feeling too full
    • Bloated
    • Painful tummy
    • Needing to burp (and worse!) after a big meal
  • 3. A cause of indigestion!
  • 4. The reason for indigestion
    • Eating too much food stimulates production of acid. When we eventually stop eating not all the acid is used up.
    • What is left gives us indigestion.
    The stomach makes hydrochloric acid to kill bacteria and start to digest food.
  • 5. A cure for indigestion These products are called “antacids”
  • 6. How do antacids work?
    • The purpose of an antacid is to neutralise the acid in your stomach
    • Can you think of an experiment we could do to see if an antacid does this?
    • http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/color-changing-milk-of-magnesia
  • 7. There are many different antacids for sale in the shops. Suppose we want to answer the question Which antacid is best?
  • 8. What do we mean by “best”?
    • Cheapest?
    • Easiest to use?
    • Most effective?
    How can we measure any of these?
  • 9. Which antacid is the cheapest?
    • How much does a packet cost?
    • What is the recommended dose?
    • How many doses are there in the packet?
    • What is the cost per dose?
    • Which is the cheapest?
    • Is this the best value?
  • 10. Which antacid is the easiest to use?
    • What makes a medicine easy to use?
    • How could we measure the things you thought of?
    • Could we ask people what they thought?
    • How could we make sure this gave a fair result?
    • Which medicine do you think is easiest to use?
  • 11. Which antacid is the most effective?
    • The purpose of the antacid is to neutralise stomach acid.
    • Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid, so we can use hydrochloric acid to test the effectiveness of each product in the lab.
    • Would the antacid which neutralised the most stomach acid be the most effective?
  • 12. The experiment - hints
    • A “recommended dose” of antacid could be a useful measure
    • A small fixed amount of acid could be measured in a dropping pipette.
    • Universal indicator will show you when the acid is no longer being neutralised by the antacid.
    • The question you want to answer is “Which antacid is best”
  • 13. An example of someone else’s results