Valley teen ranch


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Valley teen ranch

  1. 1. Agency AnalysisBy: Silvia Larios CSU Fresno
  2. 2. The main social justice issue thatthis agency addresses is in the arenaat-risk teen boys, Foster Care &Adoption. It is mainly a group homeagency that provides services toboys that have been in the juvenilehall and are willing to do thisprogram.
  3. 3. The teenage boys that come to Valley Teen Ranch have beensent by County Juvenile Courts form counties throughout theState. However, these boys are primarily from the SanJoaquin Valley counties. The court first attempts to find family members that arecapable to taking the teenage boy, if no luck, one of theoptions is a group home. The selected boys from their respective Juvenile Halls areinterviewed by a social worker, and if eligible, they arebrought to the ranch. Their probation officer makes visitsaccordingly.
  4. 4.  The community context of the agency is theinvolvement of all the various staff, as wellas the community outings.The staff is very supportive and bring indifferent cultural knowledge of their owncommunities.The outings are also great because the boysare taken to different places around thecommunity as a reward and at the same timethey learn about it. This agency also allows volunteers, whichallows the volunteers and residents to learnfrom each other and what they have to offer. Community service is also practiced whenpossible.
  5. 5.  The populations at risk whose needs the agency addresses areteen boys and foster children (and their families). The teen boys in the group home are from ages 13-18.The agency mainly serves teenage boys at risk but also has asmall case load on foster children and adoption.
  6. 6. The agency’s mission is:  The agency’s aims are: “To assist troubled young  More HS graduations & College people and their families in Admits rebuilding their lives through  Recruit & Train Foster & caring relationships and Adoption Parents opportunities to grow  Expand Vocational Training mentally, physically, socially, Program at the Ranch and spiritually by living in a  Expand Donor Base by 200 healthy and safe home called  Continue Development of Valley Teen Ranch.” Organic Farming & other projects  Continue making a positive The agency hopes to return impact on these children and these children back home or youth at-risk by showing them foster home where they can respect, responsibility, love, valu have stability & love. es, etc.
  7. 7.  Some of the agency practices within the group homes are: - Housekeeping chores - Preparing meals - Homework & recreation - Feeding horses and other animals -Irrigating pasture and landscaping - Learning to work and play hard
  8. 8.  In a more broad perspective, they practice: -Getting along with others and being respectful -Truth: telling, living, acting, and believing the truth -Integrity: responsible actions, accountability, management & leadership - EXCELLENCE!
  9. 9.  The significance of this agency in terms of social justice is that it is dealing with children at risk. This agency has group homes that keep troubled juveniles off the streets for a certain period of time to make a positive impact on them, and hopefully help them get through a better path in life. The significance in terms of social work is that it is a non-profit agency that is dedicated in helping children get into a foster home or being adopted. Also, they help and provide services to teenage boys who need support. The boys have a social worker and therapist they can talk to about their issues and feelings and that has a huge impact on how the boys control their negative emotions. As a social worker, we want these children to succeed and have a stable and loving home. This agency is also careful on following all regulations, ethics, and principles.
  10. 10.  The significance of this agency in terms of human rights is grand. This is because this agency believes that these children deserve a second chance in life. The young children deserve to be in a safe and loving home where they feel accepted. As for the teenage boys, they have had a rough past but they are young and deserve a second chance to continue a healthier life out of trouble. Human rights are important in this agency because we do not think that treating them in a harsh way is necessary. The boys are treated with fairness. However, they are shown respect, responsibility, self-control, integrity, etc. This agency provides services for the boys own well-being and self-growth.
  11. 11.  http://www.valleyteenranc Group Home ProgramRanch from sky view Video Link