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This slide share showcase represents some of my proudest moments of my life when I was in Canada attending high school.

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  1. 1. Su ThinZar Khine’sSlide Share Showcase
  2. 2. “2007 Cultural and BuddhismStudy Program”When I first came to Canada, Iparticipated in a youth groupprogram in Burmese Temple andhave received a certificate from“Mahadhammika Temple BurmeseBuddhist Association of Ontario”for an outstanding award “2007Cultural and Buddhism StudyProgram.” This shows that I am anenthusiastic person who likes tocommunicate with others andready to be challenge. With mystrong and dedicated skills, I wasable to accomplish my goal asrecognized by other people byshowing great personality.
  3. 3. This picture represents me getting involved in high school activity. I have never playedviolin before I came to Canada. When I first took the music course, I was surprised byhow much playing music can relax you when you are having a hard time. Being astudent and getting involved in a concert like this has made me felt like I have becomea different person. Playing music pieces in front of a large audience with my friendsand classmates has been a wonderful experience that I have never experiencedbefore. I was really nervous and excited the same time.
  4. 4. Agincourt Collegiate Institute DiplomaThese two pictures above has represent me graduating from A.C.I high school. Thismeans that I have spend my last four years at this high school trying to learn newthings each and every year. This also shows that I have overcome my challenges and Ihave finished what I have started. After graduation from high school, it means that Iam ready to start my new life finding my career goals that suits me. I would really liketo thank all my family, friends, teachers, guidance counselors who had helped me findmy goals.
  5. 5. Stage Crew CouncilDuring second last year of my high school, I was involved in Stage Crew Council where we were in charge of testing microphone,fixing lighting during the event. This shows that I am able to communicate with my members and able to contribute in the school’sevent. I was able to improve my communication skills with the teachers along with the members in my club. It was my goal to join atleast 3 or 4 clubs in high school and I was able to accomplish that without any hesitation.
  6. 6. Good Life Fitness Toronto Marathon(5km)This was taken when I was running a5km marathon with my friends fromschool for my female fitness class. Thelocation was in downtown, TorontoQueen’s Park. The program that Iparticipated in was “Good Life Fitness”where the money that was donated intothat goes into a Charity Organization forchildren. This shows that I am willing totake part in any kinds of charityorganization and willing to help anyonethat are in needs. It was a fantasticexperience that I have experience in mylife by running in downtown, Torontowhere there are a lot of peoplewatching and cheering.
  7. 7. This business luncheon took place in AgincourtCollegiate Institute. As a class, we were competingagainst other three classes based on our uniqueclass theme. While preparing, I was in charge ofmaking an invitation for the students as well asthe guests who were coming to this luncheon.This shows that I am able to take a lead as a teamleader and discuss what we are going to do withother team members. Being a team leader isdifficult at first because you need to be able toorganize and help others as well as help yourself.The most important message that givingmotivation to each other can help when workingas a team. This project has took us almost 4months to accomplished it starting fromDecember to March. Almost all the students whotook this Business Leadership class has to stayafter school and work on this luncheon. Eventhough it was a lot of work, through themotivation of our class leader, we have won 1stplace out of all the other four section.Therefore, in the end, I have learned that if youdidn’t give up on your goal and keep on aiming, one day, you will reach your goal and all yourhard work will be paid off. It was a wonderfulexperience that I have ever experience it in my lifeand I would definitely will participate in this kindof competition again.