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  • Transcript

    • 1. NexGenData, LLC Applying Internet Power to Enterprise Data
    • 2. NexGenData, LLC
      • Software for Data Integration, Information Management
      • Years of Experience
        • Visionael, Granite (Telcordia), MicroMuse (IBM), HP, Tone
        • Saw Problems Firsthand
        • Researched Technologies and Approaches
      • Emerging Web Technologies Applied to Enterprise
      • Disruptive Solutions, Patentable Technology
    • 3. Markets/Problems
      • Customers
        • Communications Service Providers (CSPs)
        • Large Enterprises (Fortune 500/Global 1000)
        • Government Agencies
      • CSPs:
        • Multiple Computer Systems
          • Order Management, Billing, Service Activation, Inventory, Customer Relationship Management, Work Ticketing, Financial Systems…
        • Multiple Products/Services
          • POTS, VoIP, Data, Video, Wireless, Bundled Triple Play
      • $Billions Spent Each Year
        • Integration Projects
        • Middleware
    • 4. CSP OSS/BSS Complexity
    • 5. Impact
      • $Millions/Month
        • Errors and Exceptions, Manual Data Integration, Equipment Use, Billing Issues
      • $30M-50M/month lost due to systems out of sync at Tier One (
      • 60% failure rate on automated service provisioning for triple play at large carrier (600 people doing manual reconciliation)
      • CSPs Not Alone —Department of Homeland Security
        • According to Michael Chertoff, Secretary: “The ability to collect, fuse and analyze data is at the core of making intelligent assessments based on risk”
        • Spending $3 Billion per Year on Information Technology
    • 6. Solution: A New Perspective
      • Digital Information is different
      • Access all…in meaningful ways
      • Internet giants…Amazon, Google , MySpace etc. have shown the way
      • Create a “ Corporate Wide Web”
      • >> Clarity From Chaos
    • 7. CSP’s Systems Access & Process Present & Consume Publish to Web Solution: NexGen Navigator
    • 8. Magic: Internet Techniques Applied to Enterprise
      • Transform Data into Corporate Wide Web
        • Every Record and File Is Transformed into Web Address
        • Every Data Source Is Transformed into Data Feed
      • Index and Search: (like Google in the enterprise)
      • Automated Linking (like shopping on Amazon, iTunes)
      • Enrich Information with Tags, Annotation and Automated Grouping (Collective Intelligence like Digg,, Flickr)
      • Integrate and Present Data through “Mashups”
        • Data from Multiple Sources Related with Rules (data mashup)
        • Presented in Single View (presentation mashup)
    • 9.  
    • 10. Enterprise Search NexGen Navigator crawls and indexes corporate applications, databases and files. Keyword searches provide access to this corporate information. Search terms Matching application data Matching Word document
    • 11. Mashups Integrate Related Data from Datafeeds Datafeeds can be filtered to reduce the amount of data produced by the feed using keywords This filter reduces the SWITCH datafeed to 6 records by including only records containing a particular keyword
    • 12. Mashups Integrate Related Data from Datafeeds Two datafeeds are merged in this mashup The data from SWITCH is related to the data from TIRKS by finding SWITCH records whose Telephone Number matches the TIRKS Circuit ID The filtered SWITCH datafeed is merged with a filetered datafeed from a data source named TIRKS
    • 13. Mashups Integrate Related Data from Datafeeds The Mashup is itself a new datafeed that can be saved, used and re-used in other mashups The merged data is used as the mashup’s output feed The completed mashup is named and saved for re-use
    • 14. Dashboard with Alarming
    • 15. Process Modeling and Inference
    • 16. Current Status
      • Preparation Phase (Inception – Jan 31 09)
      • Identify, engage prospective pilot customers
      • Complete working “Alpha” product ( COMPLETED)
      • Pilot Phase (Feb 09 – May 09)
      • Deliver successful pilot implementation projects
      • 1 sT Successful pilot completed, 2 nd underway
      • Complete Generally Available Product
      • 2 Channel Partners Signed—Government and Security
    • 17. Funding/Use of Funds
      • Seeking up to $1.5M in seed investment
      • Working capital for operations, first two years
      • Primarily used for development staff, initial sales
    • 18. Summary
      • Strong management team
      • Positive customer, market feedback
      • Disruptive technology
      Want to know more? Link to me.