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Content Sells Cars is showcasing content marketing best practices in the automotive industry.

Content is offering the aspiration, the inspiration and the education that's converting car brands' audiences into inspired, smarter, more loyal and more profitable customers.

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Content Sells Cars

  1. 1. ! ! Showcases Series!CONTENTSELLS CARS7 Speed Gearbox !for Car Marketers""Curated by Frank Delmelle, Content Strategist @sQills"
  2. 2. CONTENT CARSSELLSAn Automotive Content Marketing Menu © sQills 2013
  3. 3. “Buying a new car is less impulsivethan buying a new pair of trainers.”
  4. 4. “Research by Jaguar Land Roverdiscovered that in 2000people made an average of 7.5 tripsto dealerships before buying a car.By 2010 that figure had shrunkto 1.3 visits. The first impressionis more important than ever.”
  5. 5. ”Content marketing is about reaching outto customers and those that don’t have Chevyon their shopping list and putting our messageout in front of them in a relevant way.So it’s about attracting new audiences and also buildingan ongoing relationship with fans and our loyal customers.We realized we need to have meaningful storiesand content that our audiences can engage with."Carolin Probst-Iyer, digital consumer engagement manager Chevrolet
  6. 6. AspirationEntertaining‘dream content’1CongratulationRewarding contentCollaborationEngaging,participativecontentInspirationEnlighteningcontentConversationTalk of the town,shareable contentEducationHelpful content43526Conversionto purchase7Content: what’s in it for car marketers?SQILLS’ MAGNIFICENT 7 CONTENT DRIVERSTM
  7. 7. 1. Aspiration(Content that makes people dream of your car)
  8. 8. “The layout and content of the new BMW magazineembody our brand’s pioneering spirit.The new categories “Emotion” and “Heroes”have been added for this purpose."–-driven&outputChannelId=6&id=T0130963EN&left_menu_item=node__2205
  9. 9. LAMBORGHINI MAGAZINE“Wie die Marke Lamborghini bietet auch das Lamborghini Magazinauthentische Markenerlebnisse, geprägt von den drei Attributen„extrem“, “kompromisslos“ und „italienisch“. Dabei ist jedeAusgabe als solitäres Kunstwerk angelegt. Eine zentrale Idee alsKristallisationspunkt für den von Ausgabe zu Ausgabewechselnden monothematischen Ansatz, dazu überraschende undmutige Perspektivwechsel, mitunter auch begleitet von scharfenKontrasten und harten Provokationen.Ein anspruchsvolles Autorenmagazin mit Ecken und Kanten.Alles integriert in eine multimediale Konzeption mit eigenemInternetauftritt.” (
  11. 11. NISSAN – ‘DATE BETTER WITH SENTRA’ VIDEO SERIES“At the moment brands are obsessed with content. Count Nissan in. Nissan has justlaunched a six part series to showcase some of the new features of the 2013 Sentra.The series follows the courtship and romance of Jeff and Felicia. Six videos are availableon Nissan’s YouTube Brand Channel, including a special video message from Olympic GoldMedalist Ryan Lochte. Nissan is asking viewers to help come up with an ending via aFacebook app. The videos got about 9,000 views on average since launch Nov. 1.The brand’s social media chief, Erich Marx, said that content is important because it iswhat fuels Nissan’s social media strategy. In fact, content is almost synonymous withsocial media. Without content, Nissan’s fans and followers wouldn’t have anything todiscuss and share on a regular basis.”
  12. 12. http://www.designmeasure.comCHRYSLER & JEEPCUSTOMER MAGAZINES(Meredith Xcelerated Marketing)
  14. 14. BMW MAGAZINE (Hoffman und Campe)Pearl Awards 2012“Best MobileApplication”;–-driven&outputChannelId=6&id=T0130963EN&left_menu_item=node__2205“BMW Magazine has been BMW’s customer magazine since 1989, available in more than150 countries and 25 languages. The print edition is published twice yearly, with acirculation of 3.8 million copies. An iPad edition has been available since 2010, with anexpanded digital version planned for 2013. Winning 38 awards, BMW was the mostsuccessful company in corporate publishing in the 2011 CP-Monitor ranking.”
  15. 15. “Try to make your content as good as — or better than— the content around it; that’s what we learned.Make sure your content organically fits with the brand.Real content, like stories, engages.”Esperansita Bejnarowicz, Social Media Manager of Fiat
  16. 16. 2. Inspiration(Enlightening content by inspiring car brands)
  17. 17. "The BMW Magazine is to become a lifestyle magazine.Under the motto “DRIVEN”, it will be published twice a year,featuring topics dedicated to drive, passion and energy.BMW models will be skilfully integrated into articleson the arts, fashion and design – all true to the philosophyof never standing still in life. The focus will be on internationalstories about people whose visionary ideas change our lives."–-driven&outputChannelId=6&id=T0130963EN&left_menu_item=node__2205
  18. 18.;’s “Ideas on the Table“ (by The Economist Group): “There is an obvious conflict of interest here, as I work for thecompany that produced this campaign. All bias aside, the comprehensive strategy of this content program is impressive.To position BMW as a “thought leader” in innovation, design and technology, The Economist Group hosted an undergroundevent series that brought together chefs, foodies, tastemakers and intellectuals. Excerpts from the dinners were thentransformed into print and digital ad campaigns that ran in The Economist and Bon Appetit. This campaign, which featuredin-person events, is a nice reminder that content marketing isn’t just what happens on paper (or e-paper).”   BMW ‘IDEAS ON THE TABLE’ (The Economist Group)See also: BMWi ‘Activate the Future’:
  19. 19."Mashable does a really nice jobletting ads flow into theircontent. With the exception ofone little sentence that says,“Presented by Volvo,” you can’ttell the story is an ad.This is where things are going.All of our disciplines areblurring. Go make friends withpeople who do advertising foryour company or work with yourclients. Make friends with thosein the marketing department.Figure out how you can all worktogether. Because this? This isthe future of PR."PRESENTED BY VOLVO:SUBTLY SPONSOREDJOURNALISMSee also: BMW ‘Global Innovation Series’ (Mashable):
  20. 20. ROVER – ONE LIFE MAGAZINE (& DIGITAL EXTENSIONS) (Redwood) “Land Rover is a well-travelled,adventurous brand, so Onelife regularlyheads to the far reaches of the Earth insearch of a good story. (…)Land Rover Onelife Magazine has beenwinning Best International Publicationat the 2011 APA awards, CustomerMagazine of the Year at the 2010 PPAAwards, and Best Use of Photographyand Best Use of Film at the 2009 APAs.The magazine is translated into 14languages. It is adapted and deliveredto 36 international markets, in 450,000copies. An iPad version of the magazineis also created for both the UK and US.To enhance each issue’s local relevanceand engagement with its audience, allthe markets have the option ofincluding their own local material ineither six or 14 pages, which aredesigned and edited in-house.
  21. 21. “For this off the grid hi-tech house, TBWAHakuhodo collaborated with 20 companies that could provide the requisitetechnologies. The Nissan Leaf electric car, for example, acts both as a means of transport and a homepower generator,while Nissan Sangyo Corporation provides a special heat-resistant and insulating ceramic coating technology.A ground-breaking illustration of how brand alliances can fulfil a powerful social and environmental vision.” LEAF - ‘CONTENT ALLIANCE’ WITH TBWA/HAKUHODO
  23. 23. 3. Education(Helpful content “to get the most from your car”)
  24. 24. “Dealerships should aim to post content that connectstheir industry to human-interest topics, such aslocal traffic info, suggestions on weekend road trips,or even the occasional discount offer.Think about how your audience might relateto your business in their personal lives and you arealmost guaranteed to find content-worthypoints of intersection.”
  25. 25. MY FORD iPAD MAGAZINE“In the My Ford magazine app — theofficial magazine of the Ford MotorCompany — you’ll get family-orientedtravel stories, celebrity interviews, sneakpeeks at new vehicles and much more.You’ll also find stunning photo galleriesof original photography, as well as helpfulvideos to show you how to get the mostfrom your Ford vehicle. Plus, this appfeatures a one-stop shop for all your Fordvehicle needs and provides completeaccess to the Ford vehicle showroom,vehicle brochures, owner guides andmuch more.My Ford content is updated quarterly, anda new issue is available for download inJanuary, April, July and November.FEATURES•  Photo galleries of original photography•  Helpful videos to show you how to getthe most out of your Ford•  Complete access to owner guides, theFord vehicle showroom, vehiclebrochures and much more.
  26. 26. http://www.iamjeepmobile.comI AM JEEP – MOBILE APP•  "Your Profile": allowing you to customise the application with your personal details and the details of your car•  "Find your car": recording the position of your parked car, making it easier to find it thanks to route instructions•  "Due dates": due dates relating to your car and car servicing schedules will be available after the Show•  "Find nearest dealer": allows you to find your nearest Jeep dealer•  "Owners Handbook": compressed version of the model information handbook•  "Contact Us": to contact the "I am Jeep" Customer Services directly•  "News" and "Jeep People": to be kept up-to-date at all times of all brand news.
  27. 27. ACURA (Honda)
  28. 28. SUBARU – MAP MY DOG WALK APP“Brands are breaking into personal spaces, combatting tech fragmentation byproviding mobile solutions for their customers that ultimately serve as free (andviral) media channels.That was the reasoning behind Subaru’s Map My Dog Walk and Guide to Everything,which tap into the brand’s “Get Outside” mentality.Knowing that 70% of the brand’s customers have a dog, Subaru has featuredpuppy-focused ads each February since 2010 during the annual Puppy Bowl. Lookingfor an opportunity to extend the experience beyond the winter months, itpartnered with an app maker to launch the dog walking pedometer app, which alsocontains a built-in social sharing network to find dog walking friends in yourvicinity, and record best walking routes, speeds and distances. Since its release,Map My Dog Walk averages 300 downloads daily, lending life to Subaru’s “puppy-approved advertising” beyond the February campaign, adding that the functionalityof the app has allowed for a deeper and richer relationship with users.These apps allow the brand to integrate into the everyday lives of its drivers,breaking through consumers’ private spheres.Subaru doesn’t expect the app to drive sales, but it will amplify consumers’experiences and really tie Subaru to that. It’s a way to use the consumer as thevoice of the brand – not just to pat ourselves on the back. At the end of the day, yeswe want to sell cars, but if we have our owners speaking to their experiences andsharing that with others who potentially might be in the market [for a car], thatholds a lot of value.
  29. 29. “Brands are breaking into personal spaces,combatting tech fragmentation by providing mobile solutionsfor their customers that serve as free (and viral) media channels.”Rob Font, digital communications manager, Subaru
  30. 30. 4. Conversation(Shareable content, earning WOM, buzz, reach)
  31. 31. "Four automotive manufacturers account foraround three quarters (73.1%) of all video shares in the sector(Volkswagen, Kia, Chevrolet and Nissan), illustrating the hugeopportunity open to those brands who currently lag behind."
  32. 32.”We’re moving from a time when advertising was somethingto be avoided on TV to a time when it’s somethingto be shared online.”Frank Rose, Author ofThe Art of Immersionand journalist at Wired
  33. 33.; & OK Go“OK Go built a track, Sonic played all the instruments. Check out Sonic playing a guitar solo at 45 mph.”“Whether or not this helps sell the Chevy Sonic is yet to be determined, and obviously that part of the collaboration is some seriousadvertising, because like most OK Go videos it’ll be up to millions of hits by the weekend. Regardless, the logistics behind creating a musicaltest track to not only be played, but played correctly is very impressive. My virtual hat off to both Chevy and OK Go for once again turning amediocre song into an internet sensation.”“Unsurprisingly, its alreadyat well over 1 million views.”(Adweek, February 2012)
  34. 34. KIA SOUL HAMSTERS“(…) Kia has been the most successful in thisregard, its iconic dancing Soul Hamsters adseries benefited from being aired during MTV’sVideo Music Awards in September and becamethe most shared automotive ad during theperiod from June 2011 to June 2012. Kia tookadvantage of the gap in activity (pre and postSuper Bowl) to deliver the strongestperformance throughout the year.”
  35. 35.; COOPER –DRIVING DOGSGoing for the “awwww” factor,Mini Cooper teamed up with theSociety for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals (SPCA) toteach three dogs to drive. Thedogs were then put to the test infront of a live televisionaudience. SPCA has said that thestunt was part of an initiative toprove that dogs from sheltersare not second rate pets. Thethree new drivers, Monty, Porter,and Ginny were put behindspecially outfitted Mini Coopersfor their first trips behind thewheel and I can’t help but thinkthat they look very cool. Theresult is an extremelyentertaining (and adorable!)way to bring attention to thecar brand.
  37. 37. 5. Collaboration(Co-created, participative, valorizing content)
  38. 38. "We receive tons of stories from consumers every dayin the form of photos and text and even videos.They are out there, and they want to tell their stories,so whenever we can, we try to capitalize on that."Carolin Probst-Iyer, manager of digital consumer engagement for Chevrolet
  39. 39. VOLKSWAGEN ‘PEOPLE’S CAR PROJECT’“In 2011, Volkswagen launched its People’s Car Project in China, which asked everyone to submit innovative vehicle ideas. Over 33 million peoplevisited the site and 119,000 ideas were submitted. Three concepts were picked as winners, including the Music Car, the Hover Car, and the SmartKey. Recently, the Hover Car was turned into a video that simulated how the vehicle would look, drive, and function. The clip has receivedthousands of views within a few days and has gone viral internationally.”
  40. 40. (UK) – ‘CONTENTCURATION’ ON ITSFACEBOOK PAGESee also:‘Three Lines’Facebookengagementcampaign(Audi A3):“On Facebook, theaim was to growawareness andengagement aroundpictures and contentrelating to the car,as well as startingconversations abouthow the most usefulinnovation issometimes the mostsimple. To do this,Bartle Bogle Hegartyused simple three-line drawings tocelebrate otherinnovations thatdeliver "everythingyou need, nothingyou don’t".
  41. 41.‘ESCAPE ROUTES’INTERACTIVEREALITY SERIESFord Escape Routes is an interactivereality series featuring a cast of sixteams of two, participating in aunique road trip competition withreal-world challenges.At-home viewers across the countrycan participate in real-time, to help theirfavourite team win, through theinteractive challenges andgames online.
  42. 42. LEVERAGING‘CUSTOMER CONTENT’(Audio)visual content marketingincluding ‘customer content’, …
  44. 44. 6. Congratulation(Rewarding content, CRM, loyalty stricto sensu)
  45. 45. "Building loyalty and a lasting relationship,sooner or later, translates into sales.”Carolin Probst-Iyer, manager of digital consumer engagement for Chevrolet
  46. 46. *during first 9 months (launch period).“4.3% rise* in re-purchase”Dedicated & intelligent online portal/guideincl. personal calendar, lifecycle follow-up,benefits, custom news, exclusive info,monthly newsletters and personal alerts.(+ video channel + social media accounts)RENAULT – MYRENAULT.BE
  47. 47. •  Objective: brand loyalty,rewarding customers•  Target: customers + prospects•  Frequency: 4x/year•  Distribution: controlledcirculation, nationally segmented•  100 pages incl. 22 ads(add acquisition per country).MERCEDES-BENZMAGAZINE
  48. 48. VOLKSWAGEN DAS AUTO“FOR OWNERS” (Meredith)From November 2012, “Das Auto. Magazine” will be available on theinternet in six languages for seven countries at The magazine is one of the first publications to appear atregular intervals which can be read on a wide range of screen types.iPad users have their own quarterly version with exclusive audiovisualand interactive content. There is also a print edition of the Englishversion of the new 92-page magazine, and importers worldwide can adaptthe content of this classic magazine format for further national editions.(…) The new concept has a distinctly journalistic style while at the sametime also making intensive use of the possibilities offered by the variouscommunication channels.“Das Auto. Magazine” replaces both the “Volkswagen Magazine” printmagazine and Volkswagen’s online and app customer magazine called“Das.” The Berlin-based content agency KircherBurkhardt won the pitchfor this integrated magazine concept in the summer.;;“Das Auto brings loyal Volkswagen owners exclusivenews and stories about the cars and brand they love.”2012 Gold Pearl Award “Most Improved Publication”.
  49. 49. 7. Conversion(Content inspiring conversion to (re-)purchase)
  50. 50. “We remember experiences more readily than facts– the smell of a classic car reminds us of our childhood,the winding road in Jaguar’s F-TYPE videotriggers memories of a favourite drive –whereas facts are usually unconnectedand for that reason far more difficult to recall.”
  51. 51. AUDI CITY“Buying a new car is less impulsive than buying a new pair oftrainers, but the impact of digital on that process is driving keychanges across the sector. 2012 saw the launch of Audi City, asmall-footprint digital showroom in London’s West End. Visitorsuse multi-touch screen tables (created by RazorfishInternational) to design their ideal Audi from more than 3.5million possible configurations. Their creation can be viewed,life-sized, from all angles on huge HD screens, and can be seen‘driving’ through virtual landscapes.That vivid first impression is more important than ever.Research by Jaguar Land Rover discovered that in 2000 peoplemade an average of 7.5 trips to dealer- ships before buying acar. By 2010 that figure had shrunk to 1.3 visits. The impact ofeach encounter gains significance. Audi City combines theflexibility of digital car-configuration with the sense of high-impact retail theatre that a brand-controlled environment of astore can offer. It’s a strategy the brand clearly believes in: Audiplans 20 further such destinations around the world by 2015.
  52. 52. (ORCA) – RESCUE DRIVE“Thinking more broadly about the customer journey than just how to entice people onto its forecourt, the OrcaChevrolet car dealership in Brazil took an insightful approach to promoting the new Chevrolet Cobalt. Its RescueDrive campaign saw the business partnering with a local breakdown service to send a new Cobalt (along with asalesman) to people stranded with broken-down vehicles. While the rescue company towed their faulty caraway, Orca Chevrolet allowed motorists to drive themselves home in the new Cobalt.At its core, Rescue Drive was a smart way to add value to people’s lives while also running a product demoprecisely at the time when drivers may be considering a new purchase, i.e. when their old car had crapped outon them. Go-getting managers looking to maximise productivity will no doubt like the way it mobilisedshowroom staff and stock into action instead of passively waiting for customers to come to them.”
  53. 53. PEUGEOT’S HYBRID GRAPHIC NOVEL“How can you tell a simple yet innovative story to promote a complex technology towards a non car-specialist target audience ? This is thechallenge we were facing when Peugeot asked us to communicate on their latest hybrid engines system. Instead of listing all the technicalsspecifications, we decided to show the adventure of a heroin utilising the four driving modes of the HYbrid4 technology. To do so, we’veteamed up with Gerald Parel, famous for his Marvel comics covers’ illustrations, to bring the hybrid technology to life through what we called :« The Hybrid Graphic Novel ». (…) Within a month of activity, we’ve collected thousands of tweets and blog posts, …”“Storytelling is a powerful approach that can, when done right, compel users to convert more effectively than what any amount ofoptimization, crazy visual callouts, or awesome interactive elements can do otherwise. Much like how we expect to see a moral at the end ofa book, we expect to find a purpose at the end of a site with a storytelling experience. When the path to the “moral of the story” (orconversion point, to be more specific) is laid out clearly in front of our users’ eyes, the rest of the work lies simply in convincing them thatthe purpose is really worth grabbing on to…” ;
  54. 54. FIAT - ALTERNATE ROUTES;; Routes: The FIAT Storytelling Seriesfeatured real people telling their unique andpassionate story in two-minute radio vignettes.The series was filmed in front of live audiences,generating long-form video, plus long radio spotson CBS radio in five major markets over eight weeks.The purpose of the content: not so much to tout Fiatas to drive consumers online to watch the shows andlearn about the brand.This was achieved because the radio spots werecliffhangers. The video content, meanwhile, was onFiats Facebook page. Fiat mirrored the experiencein the social space following the CBS radio flighting,and weaved in content and stories to results were over 76 million impressions overthe eight weeks, with 29 million impressions online,with videos -- eight to ten minutes -- being viewed440,000 times. Thats 59,000 hours of contentconsumed, which drove nearly 7,000 people tointeract with the configuration and shipping tooon
  55. 55. MAGAZINE (Story Worldwide)“Lexus, a global brand, needed a consumer-facing publishingprogram that would maintain the integrity of the brand whileallowing content to be localized, so it would be meaningful andrelevant for readers. Consumer loyalty, quality control and costefficiencies were issues.Story Worldwide and Lexus launched a global brand marketingprogram, which aimed to deepen brand loyalty through localizedcontent for Lexus magazine. Content extensions have includedan MSN portal, email newsletters, video stories for Lexuswebsites, travelogues for TiVo and other VOD applications andserialized fiction. The program has been identified as abenchmark in customer publishing.Results:•  86% readers found the magazine informative•  60% readers logged on to the Lexus website•  “Most Effective Automotive Title” (APA Awards).
  56. 56. your audienceinto smarter, more loyal andMORE PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS.Get content. GetsQills, a Sanoma Company0032 (0)15 67 83