Digital Citizens


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Digital Citizens

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship  -Rahel and Melissa-
  2. 2. Be aware!Are you aware of whats going on in the gaming world? Dear Mom and Dad,We want you to be aware and notice what the pros and cons ofmultiplayer gaming. As a 12/13 year old, we know what awareness isabout and we need to share that to you. We just need to let you know thattheres not only positives about gaming, theres also negative things weneed to inform you with as well as the positives. 
  3. 3. Positives-the lit path of the digital world-What I like about being a digital citizen is..... ●  The internet helps me so much, its practically a library of knowledge! ● Theres a range of different media and information in one. ● I can socialize with friends on the other side of the world even though theres it feels like just a screen in separating us! ● travel to a festival of music, socialize online, meet up with friends
  4. 4. Being a digital citizenDo you think we can learn by just an open textbook in frontof us?Have you ever thought about how boring it is in life withoutfeeling connected to the digital world? A big swirlyemptiness inside you is how it feels. Being a digital citizen is about using a program orapplication on the computer, iPad, phone, apple device orany kind of web-related program.   
  5. 5. Lets delve deeper into the pros and cons...
  6. 6. ....Gaming AwarenessThe world is in your eyes...
  7. 7. Positives-gaming awareness-Gaming is a source ofentertainment, educationalpurposes or just to have fun! ● you can socialize with friends across the globe (depending whether the game is multiplayer) ●  encourage teamwork and cooperation when played with others
  8. 8. Negatives-there is a dark side in gaming-The negatives about gaming are: ● you can get cyber-bullied by other people ● black-mailing  ● people finding out your personal details ● people criticizing you for how you talk or your language ● people not behaving appropriately These things can happen especially if the game or sourceyoure using is un-trusted.  
  9. 9. How can we stop this from happening?You can stop negatives in If you really want to use agaming, again, by: program that wont have any  cyber-bullying or will have ● Ignore the comments limited speech and actions, ● Report the person use a trusted program! A ● Block them well-known program or  friendly software probeblyThese options are normally will reduce cyberbullyingavailable in gaming, but if and have more options tothere arent any options, block, report or consult athen contact the moderators mod. on the website.
  10. 10. Overall, being a digital citizen is an important part of ourlives and we enjoy it! Its fun, entertaining and helps us a lot, as long as weremember our responsibility-Thanks Mom and Dad, hope this message has made yourealize what its like through the eyes of 12/13 year olds,-Melissa and Rahel