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KnowledgeNET Teacher Essentials is introduces teachers to the basic principals of web design and takes them though the process of planning, designing and developing a Web-enhanced learning programme . It provides practical exercises to help teachers plan the overall architecture of their Web-enhanced course and focuses on empowering teachers to create differentiated learning environments for students.

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  • Traditionally, in a teacher-centered classroom, teachers control their environment because they have a monopoly on information. In an online learning environment, with instant access to vast resources of data and information, students are no longer totally dependent on teachers for knowledge. Many instructional strategies available for use in the online learning environment, most have not been developed specifically for online instruction, but are currently used in traditional classrooms, and can be successfully adapted for facilitating online learning. 
  • : Username & Password: > Room 2 > Discovery > Graphics Year > Room > Learning Area Science (Year 7)
  • > username:bart password: bart
  • > username: homer password: homer
  • Image Resizer (Windows XP) Image Resizer (Windows Vista and 7) Resizer (Mac)
  • Tip: Bookmark this website!
  • The Reviews tab is a list of resources that have the highest rating. These resources have been reviewed and rated by teachers. Just right click on the resource to read what other teachers think of this resource and ideas for using this resource in classroom programmes.
  • Digital learning Objects - Integrate these objects into units of work,webquests, and group lessons to support the development of hard to teach concepts in different learning areas. For a full list of DLO’’s download the catalogues from the Learning Federation website.
  • DigitalNZ is a collaborative initiative led by the National Library of New Zealand. They work with a wide range of contributing institutions and organisations. DigitalNZ includes content from government departments, publicly funded organisations, the private sector, and community groups. See for a full list of contributors.
  • They’ve tried to claim Phar Lap, Pavlova, Crowded House and more recently the All Whites so we have done you a favour New Zealand and claimed EDNA for KnowledgeNET.
  • Special Notes:You are not required to complete all options but as a minimum please complete URL, Title, Comment, Rating and Keywords.If a website has already exists in the database, a message will appear once you click OK to tell you this review already exists. Simply click OK and your review will be added to this website.
  • Remember the person who adds the most reviews will win a Lenovo ideapad!
  • Before Pasting the Link: Make sure you have enabled the Links Area for your KnowledgeNET page by going Action > Properties > Enable Links Area and then Save.
  • Links can be copied and pasted from Search Centre, Filing CabinetPlease note if you are pasting a link from an website outside of KN go Action > Edit Links > Add External Link
  • Class Navigator – shows all pages and items for that class e.g. Class Members Link, Assignments, Class Calendar etcText Page – A page you can personalise for your class using the web editor (like word processor)Links Area – copy and paste links from research zone or filing cabinet into here – Turn on Action > PropertiesSubpage – show list of pages directly underneath this page – Turn on Action > Properties
  • A central repository to store all your files. Once a file is in your filing cabinet you can use it anywhere in your KnowledgeNET. Simply right click on the file to copy.A camera icon on a folder means this folder will be displayed in your class photTry Uploading the following into your filing cabinet: Class photo(s) into your images folderDocuments such as School newsletter, orgainsational documents, permission slips into your Other Folder
  • Try Uploading the following into your filing cabinet: Class photo(s) into your images folderDocuments such as School newsletter, orgainsational documents, permission slips into your Other FolderSpecial Note: Use an image resize programme to get your images ready for the web – it is recommended to get images under 100kb. This makes the uploading and view of images much faster!Using the recommended image resize programmes allow you to right click on the image(s) and choose “Resize Picture”Use Ctrl and Sft keys to select multiple files.
  • Tip: Sometimes we need to create new text pages (sub-pages) if there is too much information on a page. Don’t overcrowd your page with too much information – simply put this info on a new page.
  • Keep your homepage fresh and updated – link to recent units of work.
  • Drag n drop files into uploader (requires Google Gears to be installed) Can change image properties e.g width, border size, alignmentIt is recommended that images are compressed before uploading e.g. Getting Images under 100kb makes it a lot faster to upload and to view images on a page.
  • Tip – upload all your files before editing your page.
  • We recommend that you use the search area to review and store resources – to help support KnowledgeNET community. Once the resource is in the search centre you can just right click on the resource to copy > and paste link
  • Other websites you can for photos galleries and for for documents take any document and publish online display books you have read from the world's biggest online book club
  • Question: How would you use polls in your classroom? Discuss with the person next to you.Title: e.g. School UniformsDescription: e.g. Should our school have a uniform?Delete on expiry: tick if you want poll to be deleted on expiry date.Expiry Date: Choose a date when poll is closed to votingOptions: Select the choices e.g. Yes, No, Don't KnowShow Results: Display results in real timeAllow Voting: Open poll for people to start votingUse your class noticeboard to promote your latest poll (internal link to the poll)
  • Question: How would you use forums in your classroom? E.g. To kick of a new topic...
  • Question: What would you use calendars for?
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