Chapter 3 people move from place to place


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Chapter 3 people move from place to place

  1. 1. Chapter 3 People Move from Place to Place Who has moved from a different city to a new city?
  2. 2. Lesson 1 Moving to a New Community  Review: Who can tell me what a community is?  Why do people form Communities?  Who can point to Fort Wayne, Indiana on the map?  Who can point to Boston,Massachusetts on the map?
  3. 3. Why do People Move?  Many people move for a new opportunity  What is an opportunity? Give an example  People move to the United States to practice religion, make choices freely and help their children
  4. 4. Community Laws  What laws do we have in Jackson, MI that protect us?  Why do we have laws?  Give an example to your seat buddy: What would happen if we DIDN’T have a particular law
  5. 5. Lesson 3 Learning New Customs  Who has traveled in an airplane before? Where did you go? Has anyone been out of the country?  Were things different in the places that you visited compared to MI?
  6. 6. Immigrants and Customs  What is an immigrant?  Where did Nicole’s family move from?  Who can point to Boston, MA on the map?  Who can point to Haiti on our map?
  7. 7. Customs  What customs do we follow in the United States?  How are Nicole’s customs different in Haiti?
  8. 8. Ethnic Neighborhoods  An ethnic neighborhood is a group of people who have the same culture  People speak their home languages, stores sell certain foods, and they can follow the customs of their own culture
  9. 9. Lesson 3: They Came Long ago  Ancestors- people who lived a long time ago  What is the first thing Immigrants saw when they came over by ship?  What was the statue a symbol of?
  10. 10. Why did Immigrants come to the U.S.  Immigrants came to find jobs and food  What 2 cities did Immigrants arrive to? One is on the East coast, one is on the West Coast
  11. 11. Mary Antin  Who was Mary Antin?  What book did she write?  Famous writer!
  12. 12. Emmanuel Lootz  Who was Emmanuel?  Why did he come here?  Famous painter! (what was his famous painting called?!)