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  • E.g. Beatles “ Let It Be ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d05rcD_hoQo E.g. Michael Jacksons “ Thriller ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOnqjkJTMaA
  • Example: Adele “ someone like you ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZtUjFJvYkA
  • E.g. Jay Z “ 99 problems ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etl9kkIGaHo&feature=fvsr
  • Example: Jamie fox ft T-pain “ blame it ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfjtpp90lu8
  • history of music video (S45220189)

    2. 2. MUSIC VIDEOA music video can be described as a shortprogramme promoting a song through variousmedia outlet such as television, concerts,Internet broadband and radio. Furthermore,music videos are created and utilized in order toadvance or elevate the sale of songs.
    3. 3. ORIGINS OF MUSIC VIDEOS 1950’s and 1960’s developments:• In the mid year of 1950 the earliest music videos were filmed e.g. Johnny Cash and Tennessee Two " I walk the line". However before then, during the 1920’s, animated films were followed by ‘visual music’.• During the early years of animations, music was initially fashioned around its film production. And in this case, specific songs were built around it. Some examples of animation include Walt Disney, Looney Tunes and Warner Brothers upcoming movies.• In 1960 the French firm CAMECA invented the Scorpitone (a visual junk box); it was mainly used for short films. French artists such as Jacques Dutrone, Francoise Hardy and Gainsbourg used the Scopitione to accompany their songs. As its popularity spread to other countries, similar machines such as the Cinebox in Italy and Colour Sonic in USA were invented.
    4. 4. Scorpitone Cinebox
    5. 5. 1970’S AND 1980’S DEVELOPMENTS:• During the years of 1974 - 1980, many countries such as Australia, United States, New Zealand and United Kingdom began establishing long-running TV shows playing music videos. Example of such TV shows includes Video Concert Halls, Top of the pops, Count down and Sounds etc.• The development of modern music videos were preserved and improved, along side with the enhancement of video elements. And so, during the reign of high quality cameras; music artists were then enabled to produce promotional videos.
    6. 6. E.g. the Beatles “Let It Be” E.g. Michael Jacksons “Thriller”E.g. the Beatles “Let It Be” E.g. Michael Jacksons “Thriller”
    7. 7. In 1982, a music company called MTV waslaunched to represent the interests of musicconsumers around the world and their majorfocus was on music videos. Later on thecompany succeeded and sustained its positionin the music industry sponsoring artists likeMichael Jackson, 2Pac, Janet Jackson etc.Since its launch, MTV has expanded its fieldof channels around the world; they are MTVIndia, MTV Latin America, MTV Mandarin andMTV 2. Furthermore in 2005, when music hadwildly expanded its field; the internet wereused in promoting music videos e.g. YouTube,Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, Facebook, MYSpace etc.
    8. 8. STYLES OF MUSIC VIDEOSE.g. Adele “someone likes you” Performance style: This is a style that focuses on an artist or band either performing in front of a crowd or performing on their own. In most cases, narrative techniques are not considered. However, this style of music makes a large distinctive use of camera angles and movement.
    9. 9. E.g. Jay Z “99 problems Narrative style: This is a style or technique that focuses on a storyline also; it focuses on a bit of performing. These particular styles are common among hip-hop artist as they display a little bit of performance and show what the video is all about.
    10. 10. E.g. Jamie fox ft T-pain “blame it” Cameo style: This is a style that involves a famous person in an artist music video. In most cases, when such people appear in a music video, they don’t get involve in singing. In other words, the artist would be doing the singing and performing while the other person who is doing the cameo style will try to blend in with video.
    11. 11. CONVENTIONS OF MUSIC VIDEOS It can be defined as the procedures/process of creating a music video. Furthermore, depending on the genres, the artist and the influence of the lyric, music videos are made. Furthermore, to develop more understanding about the conventions of music videos, we will explain the following factors stated above:
    12. 12.  Mise-en-scene: Mise-en-scene is an expression that operates on the layout of music video construction. In other words, Mise-en-scene associates with everything that come in sight or appears before camera works (adjustments of set design, lighting, props, costumes, locations and acting). E.g. Nelly ft Kelly Rowland “Gone”
    13. 13.  Camera works: Camera works are the procedures or process, which involves shooting a video with a camera. Furthermore when shooting a music video essential attribute of digital imaging (shape, space, tone and pattern) are relatively put in usage. E.g. "Youre a Jerk" NEW BOYZ video shoots behind the scene.
    14. 14.  Editing: Editing is the joining together of separate shots. Also, it is said to be an element, which deals with the adding/subtracting of effects, graphics, sound, time, framing and establishing shots (CGI, sound levels and camera footage).
    15. 15. GENRES OF MUSIC ARTIST:• African• Avant-Garde• Country• Jazz• Blues• Easy Listening• Hip hop& Rap• Latin American (including many genres)• Pop• Modern Folk• Soza• Rhythm & Blues• Rock
    16. 16. IMPORTANCE OF MUSIC VIDEO: Music videos helps in communicating with its target audiences. Music video helps to attract media recognition. Music video represents the music industry. Music video is very essential to an artist success. Music video helps to create vocational jobs for people. Music videos is an important tool of promoting business.
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