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Presented By: Alice Camuti of Tennessee Technological University - Career Services

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  • Here is an example of a good student profile.
  • Another place to browse job listings is inside groups that you belong to. Remember also that LinkedIn group members can post job listings to one another. Check out the Jobs pages of any and every group you belong to – yet another reason to become active in LinkedIn groups and receive regular group updates! And, many alums have a preference for people who went to the same school, so sometimes you have a better chance applying for a job posted in your alumni network.
  • Before we break for another round of questions, here are three suggestions for what you can do as soon as you sign off of this webinar to get started making the most of LinkedIn.
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  • Linked in 101

    1. 1. LinkedIn 101 Dr. Alice CamutiVersion 1.07.2011
    2. 2. How LinkedIn WorksYour Friends’ FriendsYour FriendsYour Friends’ Friends’ Friends
    3. 3. Latin America3%Other0%North America61%Europe24%Asia8%Africa1%Middle East1%Oceania2%Who Uses LinkedIn?•120 million+ professionals•Over 150 industries•Executives from everyFortune 500 firm•6.5 million+ students•9 million+ recent college grads•37,000 college and universityalumni groups•People are joining LinkedIn at arate faster than 2 new membersper second!
    4. 4. “It’s no longer enough to simply have a solidresume. Students now need a professionalonline presence.”- Holly Paul, US Recruiting LeaderPricewaterhouseCoopers
    5. 5. 1. Build a Professional Online Presence
    6. 6. 2. Connect in a Meaningful Way withAlumni and Other “Warm” Contacts
    7. 7. How to develop a great onlinepresence
    8. 8. The 5 Golden Rules of StudentLinkedIn Profiles1. Professional photo of student alone2. Headline with area of study and/or career ambitions3. Keyword-rich summary that includes type ofpositions student is seeking4. Inclusion of volunteer activities, internships andextra curriculars5. Recommendations from professors, advisors,internships
    9. 9. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile:Email Signature Line------------------------------Jane DoeNational Company, Inc.Ph: (800) 555-1234Fax: (800) 555-5678Jane.Doe@National.comConnect with me on
    10. 10. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile:Status Updates
    11. 11. Networking on LinkedIn
    12. 12. Step 1:Connect with Friends & Family
    13. 13. Degrees of Connection
    14. 14. Step 2:Connect with Alumni and industry members
    15. 15. Industry Groups
    16. 16. Subscribe to Group Updates
    17. 17. Step 3:Build and Maintain New Connections
    18. 18. BEFORE AFTER
    19. 19. Writing a Connection Request
    20. 20. Requesting Introductions
    21. 21. Your LinkedIn Connection Strategy• Connect with people you know and trust• Friends & family• Former colleagues & classmates• Fellow group members• New contacts• It’s okay to “Archive” (ignore) requests• Quality is better than quantity
    22. 22. How to find your dreamjob/internship on LinkedIn
    23. 23. 2. Explore Opportunities with Organizationsthat Don’t Recruit on Campus
    24. 24. • PR Coordinator at Major League Baseball• Baseball Operations Intern at Pittsburgh Pirates• Marketing Trainee at Atlanta Braves• Sports Business Lawyer• Athletic Academic Advisor• Ambassador of Fun for the Sussex Skyhawks Baseball Team
    25. 25. 3. Find Job Listings by Keyword
    26. 26.
    27. 27. 4. Find Job Postings Inside Groups
    28. 28. “Where do I start?”
    29. 29. Do this now!1. Go to and sign up2. Start connecting to people by importing yourcontacts3. Start filling out your profile
    30. 30. 5. Network Your Way Into a Company
    31. 31. Always Say Thank You
    32. 32. Ongoing Career Benefits of LinkedIn• Maintain a strong online professional presence• Status updates• Commenting in group discussions• Answering questions• Research companies, clients, customers, peopleyou’re meeting, etc.• Advanced search• Give and receive “small goods”• Status updates• Group updates
    33. 33. Calls to Action1. Complete your LinkedIn profile to 100%1. Upload your current contacts and sendconnection requests2. Join your alumni group on LinkedIn
    34. 34. Questions?