The ColaLife business model in pictures

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The ColaLife business model explained with annotated pictures from the field. …

The ColaLife business model explained with annotated pictures from the field.
November 2012.

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  • 1. The ColaLife Business Model in pictures
  • 2. We have designed a 4g/200ml sachet of ORS for the home treatment of diarrhoea andthis is now being manufactured in Zambia. We believe this is an ‘Africa first’.
  • 3. Kit Yamoyo assembly in Zambia using British made equipment.
  • 4. British designed, and manufactured, Kit Yamoyo packaging in store at Pharmanova.This packaging is a triple finalist in the UK Packaging Awards (14/11/12):best innovation, best new concept and best CSR initiative.
  • 5. Packing of kits into cartons at Pharmanova for delivery to Medical Stores Limited.
  • 6. We are paying the para-statal, Medical Stores Limited, who are seeking to become‘more private sector’, to deliver Kit Yamoyos to Coca-Cola wholesalers in Katete &Kalomo districts.
  • 7. Kit Yamoyo cartons in stock at a Coca-Cola wholesaler. Wholesalers purchase the kitsfrom the project and make a 20% profit on sales to retailers.
  • 8. Retailers buy Kit Yamoyos from the general wholesaler (who is also the Coca-Colawholesaler) when they visit the district town for other supplies.
  • 9. Kit Yamoyos for sale on the shelves in remote rural retail shops. Retailers make aprofit of 35% on the sale of Kit Yamoyos but care-givers get a product the majority canafford.
  • 10. Care-givers get access to a life-saving product close to home.
  • 11. ColaLife uses mobile phones to: provide an authentication system for the Kit Yamoyos;to deliver a Special Offer (50% off your next purchase); to allow promoters to activatevouchers before distribution and for voucher redemption by retailers.
  • 12. The Kit Yamoyo is an innovative product. The packaging is a measure for making theORS, it is a mixing device, a storage device and a cup. The ORS sachets make up anamount of ORS that is appropriate for the home treatment of diarrhoea.
  • 13. The other components ofthis briefing are:• An endorsement of the project by the Hon Minister of Health Dr Joseph Kasonde (35 sec video) >>• A demonstration of the Kit Yamoyo product by Simon Berry (6 min video) >> +260 9755 72175
  • 14. Image creditsSlide 1 and 8 – Elias LunguSlide 10 and 11 – Claire WardKit Yamoyo pictures on slides 4 and 12 – Simon Berry with graphic design by Guy GodfreeAll others – Simon Berry