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Feetf Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The FEET* System Integrating Information Technology in Public Transportation *Facility for Easy and Efficient Transportation
  • 2. Foreword Since the introduction of auto-rickshaws in India in the late 1950s, these vehicles have become an indispensable aspect of urban mobility for millions of people. Yet they represent an increasingly inefficient sector. Today, with increasing urban populations, there is growth in demand for urban transport, growth in private motorization and a decline in public transport share.
  • 3. Time difference between 2 empty Rickshaws in Selected locations in Kochi Sl. No Location Name Time difference (in seconds) ~09:00 a.m. ~08.30 p.m. 1 Thammanam 128 293 2 Palachuvadu 690 XXX 3 Panampilly Nagar 87 61 4 Ravipuram 43 97 5 Vytilla 48 316 6 Palarivattom 23 112 Auto
  • 4. Proposal To make the services provided by the public transportation vehicles more resourceful and accessible using science and technology.
  • 5. Top Requirements The Auto-Rickshaw must reach the customer as fast as possible. The User Equipment must be easy to use and understand. All Equipments used must be cost efficient. The Customer’s location must be calculated with a fair degree of accuracy.
  • 6. Designs and Prototypes After defining the problem, our task was to design the system such that it was easy to use and also cost less. Version 0.0 – Auto Rickshaw emits radio waves that are received by the user. Version 1.0 – Tracking the location of the user using GPS and sending his location to the vehicles. Version 2.0 – Making an easily usable gadget which emits cellular like waves that is used to triangulate the user’s position.
  • 7. Model I
  • 8. Model II
  • 9. Model III
  • 10. Schematic Representation
  • 11. Equipment Design
  • 12. Display Screen in Vehicles
  • 13. Benefits of the FEET Transportation System This system will be effective in both developing and developed countries around the world due to the essential need for public transport vehicles. The drivers’ income will boost, as they become accessible all the time. If this solution is implemented, it will ensure that the users catch an auto rickshaw very fast saving their valuable time.
  • 14. The Future Emergency Services can be included into the system so as to minimize it’s response time. Integrating EBanking Services to simplify transactions City's live traffic feed can be integrated into the system, if available.
  • 15. Bibliography Antenna and Wave Propagation by K.D. Prasad en.wikipedia.org http://www.wri.org/publication/sustainable-urban-transport- indiaauto-rickshaw-sector www.wikimapia.org www.howstuffworks.com