Question 6 - What have you learn about technologies from the process of constructing my product?


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Question 6 - What have you learn about technologies from the process of constructing my product?

  1. 1. In the creative process of constructing my magazineI used a wide spectrum of technologies to helppresent, document and develop my ideas. Theseincluded SLR cameras, complex computer programssuch as InDesign & Photoshop and an online blog.
  2. 2.  I used an SLR camera to take the photos for my magazine because the picture quality is much greater and makes it look more professional. I used the photography studio to capture photographs like the ones in Artrocker magazine. I used the photography lights in the studio to give the best possible effect and replicate the effect Artrocker created.
  3. 3.  I used Photoshop because it allows me to edit photos, create design features and create professional looking text. I found the brush tools useful because it allowed me to create sophisticated design features. I used the brush tool to create an interesting effect on the model’s lips, by selecting the paintbrush, and setting the style to ‘Overlay’.
  4. 4.  I also used the eraser tool to mould and shape my masthead into a sophisticated design feature. I wrote out the text in the selected text, and then I used the eraser tool to delete sections of the text that I wanted to mould into a shape, leaving it with a ‘cutting edge’.
  5. 5.  I used InDesign on my contents page because it has very advanced construction lines that allow you to line up and manipulate text and numbers in professional ways. I decided I would use this technology on my contents page because I believe number and text are the most important section of the contents page.
  6. 6.  In illustrator, I experimented with different brush strokes because I wanted the magazine to have paint splashes and sprays to connote rebellion. I did this by the process of entering the brsuh library, then selecting the right stroke, then selecting the colour, then copy and pasting it into Photoshop and using the magic wand to remove the white background.
  7. 7.  I used blogger as the primary log and method of documentation throughout the whole process of completing the preliminary and main task. It was very adaptive to presenting PowerPoint presentations and Prezis which makes it very useful.
  8. 8.  I used Prezi mainly in the research stages of my main task, it helps me portray my thoughts and ideas, and also my research in a more visually pleasing and innovative way.
  9. 9.  I used Facebook to create and communicate with my focus group. Through Facebook Chat I could talk to them about what they thought was good and bad about my product and how i could improve.
  10. 10.  I used YouTube to upload my audience feedback videos, which ultimately, let’s them be embedded into my blog. This therefore let’s me present my work in a more interesting way, and advances my technological understanding.