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Roy assignment(2)

  1. 1. How Rakuten is planning to run their entirebusiness in English?s1190130Yuki Tanaka
  2. 2. IntroductionExplaining of RakutenHistory of RakutenRakuten is planning to run their entire business in EnglishTOEIC is important for businessman in Rakuten.TOEIC cause problem in Rakuten.Department to work at Japanese also exist secretly.About English official languageURL
  3. 3. Explaining of Rakuten.Rakuten manage one of the largest internetshopping in JAPAN.Rakuten have seven business.EC businessCredit-card businessBankingPortal and Media BusinessTravel BusinessSecurities businessProfessional SportsCommunication business
  4. 4. History of RakutenHiroshi Mikitani is current president in Rakuten.He established Rakuten in 1997.2004The company name was changed to "Rakuten Securities" the DLJ direct SFGSecurities in July.The company name was changed to "Rakuten credit" the blue sky card.Rakuten Integrated into "Rakuten Travel" the window of the trip in September.2010The company name was changed to "Bank" the e-Bank in May.The company name was changed to "Rakuten Card" Rakuten credit in August.2012The company name was changed to "Rakuten Edy" the bitWallet in June.
  5. 5. Rakuten is planning to run their entirebusiness in EnglishMany company think English is important.Rakuten think so too.Rakuten decided to change thier officiallanguage in workspace to English in 2010.By the end of 2012, thet are going to changetheir language to English entirely.
  6. 6. TOEIC is important for businessman inRakuten.The level of English proficiency that thecompany is seeking to employees, 600 pointsare regular employees in scores of TOEIC, 650points assistant manager class, departmentmanager level is 750 points. If you do not meetthe provisions of points each job grade, and10% reduction in salary or demotion "disposal"is waiting.
  7. 7. TOEIC cause problem in Rakuten.Reason of retirement or leave of absence willnot just "English", but that is also seen casesother staff are dedicated to make up for thevacancy came out, toll coming in their work.On the other hand, cleared the number ofEnglish, but some people are disgusted withthe "Did you study for what" businessenvironment of Japanese only unchanged.Thorough degree of English is official language,seems slightly different by the floor of thecompanies that interesting.
  8. 8. Department to work at Japanese also existsecretly.Well into English as official language is forsales and service operation of Japanese,foreigners are not assigned almost naturally thecustomer. So there is no need to use English atwork. You can create a document of English ina large meeting, but the work is Japanese.
  9. 9. About English official languageIf from all employees more than 7000 people,the proportion of retirees and employees onleave seems very small. Or to evaluate effectsobtained as a whole, or whether we shouldstrengthen the criticism from the point of viewof at least weak number. Four months from afull English official language. Its the conclusionis, it may be too early.
  10. 10. URL