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Ele ex09 2

Ele ex09 2






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    Ele ex09 2 Ele ex09 2 Presentation Transcript

    • How Rakuten is planning to runtheir entire bussiness in English?s1190124 Mitsunari Ishii
    • Contents● What is Rakuten?● Berif History of Rakuten● English in Rakuten● Why is English so important?● Businesses in foreign countries● Conclusion● References
    • What is Rakuten?Rakuten is one of the most largest e-commerce company inJapan.They expands their company to many bussinesses● E-Commerce Market Place● Credit and Payments● Potral and Media● Travel
    • History● February 7, 1997:Founded● December 7, 2000: M&A with Infoseek● June 30, 2010: Decided to change theirlanguage to English● July, 2012: Completed changing theirlanguage to Engulish
    • English in Rakuten● In 2010, Rakuten decided to change theirofficial language in workspace to English.● By the end of 2012, they are going tochange their language to English entirely.● Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten,desires his company to become a worldcompany rather than a japanese company.
    • ● Their policy is people who can not speakEnglish on some level in 2 years after theyentered Rakuten, will be fired.● Even cafeteria menus are written in English.● Employees must take 600-750 TOEIC score.
    • Why English so Important?● Rakuten has 6000 employees but 400 arefrom foreign countries.● In their policy, they would like to expand theiroversea sales, but Japanese people oftencan not speak English. This is strongdisadvantage. So they decided theirlanguage in the company entirely.
    • Businesses in Foreigncountries● Rakuten has taken over many companieseven in foreign countries.○ They are targeting foreign countries rather thanJapan.● There are many world-wide companies inJapan:○ Automobile Makers○ Uniqlo○ Nomura Group● But being different with Rakuten, they do nothave rules of language in companies.
    • Conclusion● Rakuten is large Japanese e-commercecompany, but they would like to expand theirbusinesses to overseas.● They have strict rules of language in thecompany.○ they must use English in the company.● Their policy is stronger than any otherJapanese world-wide companies.
    • References● Rakutens all-English edict a bold move, butrisky too○ http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2010/07/16/news/rakutens-all-english-edict-a-bold-move-but-risky-too/#.Ub_pdVB_w3E● Rakutens decision on English not welcomedby everyone○ http://www.japantoday.com/category/kuchikomi/view/rakutens-decision-on-english-not-welcomed-by-everyone● Rakuten to make English official language○ http://www.asahi.com/english/TKY201007010404.html