The DotCom Bubble in California

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  • 1. T he DotCom Bubble inC alifornia nabes1180 203 Chika Wata
  • 2. Outline● Introduction● What DotCom Bubble?● Happening● Suffering● Impact● Free spending● Summary● References
  • 3. IntroductionThe DotCom Bubble happened in the end ofthe1990s.・It is the extraordinary general atmosphere ofinvestment in DotCom company.・In 1999-2000, stock prices increased morethan usually, but DotCom Bubble burst in2001.
  • 4. W hat DotCo m Bubble?The dot-com bubble was a stock marketbubble which popped to near-devastatingeffect in 2001. It was powered by the rise ofInternet sites and the tech industry in general,and many of these companies went under orlearned some valuable lessons when thebubble finally burst. Many investors lostsubstantial sums of money on the dot-combubble, helping to trigger a mild economicrecession in the early 2000s.
  • 5. H appeningMany investors lost handsome amount by theDotCom bubble.・A lot of Internet start-ups were birthed in themid to late 1990s.・These companies came to be referred to as“DotComs,” .
  • 6. SufferingIn 2002, the U.S. IT-related unemployedpeople reached 560,000. ーBut a portion ofentrepreneurial venture such as Google,Amazon, DotCom and e-bay were surviving.・America entered a long-term recessionsubsequent to the collapse of the DotCombubble.
  • 7. ImpactIn India, investment in the software relatedgrew.  ーThis exerted a positive impact toIndia.・In China, stock price that the IT relatedcompany take the whole operation publicfetch high prices. ーBut China did not take asevere hit.
  • 8. Fr ee spendingAccording to dot-com theory, an Internetcompanyssurvival depended on expanding itscustomer base as rapidly as possible, even if itproduced large annuallosses. Amazon wasspending on expanding customer base andalerting people to its existence and Googlewas busy spending on creating more powerfulmachine capacity to serve its expandingsearch engine.
  • 9. SummaryMany IT-related ventures called "Dot-comcompanies" was established.・By DotCombubble economy burst, many peoplelost a job.
  • 10. ReferencesHistory of the Internet - the Dotcombubble /dotcom.html・Whatwas the Dot-com Bubble?・Dot-com bubble