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  • 1. Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System s1180203 Chika Watanabe
  • 2. How the Tsunami Warning System1: The need for tsunami warning systemPTWC (Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning Center) wasinaugurated 40 years ago is now. 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamiand issued a death about 230,000 people. Since then, theIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the UnitedStates has been trying to better things than ever in the IndianOcean tsunami warning system.Not only between countries in the region can communicate,share information is now more than ever. As a result,information technology and can now also able to secure in2004.
  • 3. 2: How the Tsunami Warning System Occurs around the Indian Ocean earthquake Japan Meteorological Agency(JMA) in Tokyo and Hawaii Earthquake Information was sent to the data of earthquake. The data of earthquake was sent from JMA and Hawaii to PTWCThe information is sent to countries such as the vigilance level around the Indian Ocean.
  • 4. What PTWC? Go to the official: Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning Center Founded: 1949Country Operations: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Objective: To predict the future of the Tsunami. To issue a tsunami warning in the Pacific Ocean region a dangerous area when deemed necessary.
  • 5. The tsunami detection from deep-sea ● National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has since 1995 and developed Deep- ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis (DART) system in 2001, was established six DART stations in the Pacific Ocean. ● This is due to the Sumatra earthquake in 2004, was developed from a heightened awareness of the DART tsunami crisis in the world.
  • 6. Far from the coast when the tsunami?Far from shore when the tsunami, the DART station sent todetailed information about tsunami to the PTWC. So there area number of DART station. Thus, DART was to detect thepassage of a tsunami, sending data to the PTWC tsunami.From this system, improved significantly in the Pacific Oceantsunami warning and tsunami warning.
  • 7. The way to warning The wayUse to the radio breaking news, radio, television, SMS, e-mailManual Bell, megaphone, loudspeaker
  • 8. Conclusion ● Countries that around the Indian Ocean effect a lot of damage by tsunami.So people should have know about tsunami and this action. ● I think its important to have a sense of crisis tsunami for all people who live country. ● Nobody know when a tsunami happens, I need to know and evacuation routes.