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  • 1. Nuclear Radiation & Health Effects Article # 1 s1180198 Yuki Matsumoto
  • 2. Possible health effects of nuclear crisis   2011 March 11 , Fukushima  Nuclear power plant wasdamaged in Japan. Also radiation  became diffuse wide range. So I want to consider about this topic.
  • 3. About radiation harmfulThere are two types of radiation.  This is separated non-ionizing and ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation includes infrared radiation,radio      waves,  cellphone radiation.Such radiation does notbreak       chemical bonds. It does not have significanteffects. Other the other hand, Ionizing radiation is much moredangerous. because it does break chemical bonds and thusdoes cause cancer.
  • 4. What happens when someone is exposed toionizing radiation?This depends on how long you are exposed. The first signs include nausea and fatigue. After that comes hair loss and diarrhea.  The next stage is generally destruction of the intestinal liningand worse diarrhea and dehydration.  After that central nervous system damage.  After that comes loss of consciousness and, inevitably, death.
  • 5. In the case of Chernobyl  United Nation reports estimated that fewer than 50 peoplehad died of causes directly related to radiation exposure.  It is said that as many as 4,000 people are expected toeventually die of radiation-related causes.
  • 6. How does radiation released from nuclearplants compare with a nuclear bomb?A nuclear explosion produces two types of radiation that havelethal effects. It is said that most of the 166,000 Japanese who died atHiroshima in the first four months after the atomic bombingsuffered from this type of radiation.  Fukushima is not emitting gamma or X-irradiation. Most of theradioactivity is in the form of radiocesium and radioiodine.
  • 7. How much exposure is enough to makesomeone sick?An exposure of 500,000 microsieverts can lead to nausea andfatigue within hours. A dose of 750,000 microsieverts causes hair loss within two orthree weeks 1 million microsieverts will cause hemorrhage. Death usually occurs at a dose of 4 million microsieverts.
  • 8. Conclusion   I researched about radiation in this topic. And I understoodthat radiation dont influence on human soon. But for a longtime, influencing by radiation is possible to cause cancer.