Homework-tsunami warning system

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  • 1.  The Indian Ocean tsunami warning system s1180198 Yuki Matsumoto
  • 2. What is tsunami warning system ? ●  A tsunami warning system is a system to detect tsunamis and issue warning to prevent loss of life and property.   ●  The first rudimentary system to alert communities of impending tsunami was attempted in Hawai in the 1920s.
  • 3. How the system works Earthquake happen ↓ Data send to Tsunami warning center(PTWC) andJapan Meteorological Agency(JMA) ↓ Announce officially   
  • 4. Role of PTWC and JMAThe PTWC and the JMA currently have responsibility forproviding the Indian Ocean. Recently Australia, IndiaIndonesia, Malaysia and the Asian Disaster PreparednessCenter in Bangkok are on track to become regional watchproviders. 
  • 5. Announce officiallyWarnings to the population are delivered in a variety of ways.For example radio, television, SMS, email, and bell apply thisannounce officially.Some countries often drill to prepare when tsunami comereallyAnd local agencies will coordinate an evacuation.
  • 6. This system old faultingIn 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami killed almost 230,000people. This tsunami was caused by Sumatra earthquake.   Before 2004, there were no sea-level monitoring instrumentsin the Indian Ocean and many countries did not have agenciesresponsible for tsunami warnings or points of contact torecieve from international warning centers.
  • 7. Improvement after 2004 tsunamiAfter 2004 disaster, a large network of seismographic centres,national warning centres or agencies, coastal and deep-oceanstations is in place across the Indian Ocean to detect potentialtsunamis and pass on warnings to communities.   
  • 8. Conclusion        We learned about tsunami warning system. In 2004,many people died around Indian Ocean by tsunami. Those daytsunami warning system were not enough. So most of peopledidnt know how to away else where. Currently system arebase on these experience. Now the experience encourage thatwe should be more careful.