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  • 1. Tsunami warningsystem in the Indian Ocean SW3
  • 2. ・Tsunami in the Indian OceanThere are plate in the Indian Ocean. It called Indian Plate. The plate can cause earthquake. Then, tsunami well be caused naturally. Its deadly. Actually, 230000 people were killed2004 Indian Ocean tsunami
  • 3. ・The Sumatran coast earthquake There are often big earthquake and tsunami in the Indian ocean. Especially, that around Sumatra island is called the Sumatran coast earthquake. In this area, big earthquake hasbeen repeated at cycles of 100 to 150 years. And, it is caused recent years. Tsunami also is whenever earthquake because its epicenter is coast.
  • 4. This picture shows epicenter anddiffusion of earthquake wave
  • 5. ・Tsunami warning system There were no sea-level monitoring instruments in the Indian Ocean. After that, a large network of seismographic centres,national warning centres or agencies, coastal and deep-oceanstations is in place across the Indian Ocean to detect potential tsunamis and pass on warnings to communities. Experts saymore coordination is needed to ensure national centres are sharinginformation across the region but the Indian Ocean is much better prepared than in 2004.
  • 6. ・How the system work When an earthquake in the Indian Ocean region, the data issent to the PTWC based in Hawaii and the JMA in Tokyo. Two centres locates and determines some information of tsunami and earthquake. The PTWC and the JMA have to send theobservational result to the Indian Ocean. The two centres can issue watches, to national bodies in the Indian Ocean. And alert its population is done by each nationalagency. Warnings to the population are delivered in a variety of ways. In some countries, well-rehearsed drills will kick in and local agencies will coordinate an evacuation.
  • 7. ・My impression  I think that system can help a lot of people in the area has many earthquakes. But the system is not accurate fullyand people get the information will be fluster. As a result, a lotnumber can be killed. That system and Our knowledge of them must be better. I want tsunami warning system to be help all people in earthquake area.
  • 8. Resources:・http://www.trust.org/alertnet/news/how-the-indian-ocean-tsunami-warning-system-works・http://www.bousaihaku.com/cgi-bin/hp/index2.cgi?ac1=B414&ac2=B41404&ac3=3952&Page=hpd2_view