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  • 1. Effect of radiation 3 s1180050 Takahiro Oda
  • 2. Index● How much radiation is dangerous?● Warning of food radiation.● CT scan radiation.● Japan emergency workers.● Tokyo water radiation.
  • 3. How much radiation is dangerous? ● People are constantly exposed to some level of natural radiation. But the change appears when the definite value is exceeded.For example ● 50-100: changes in blood chemistry ● 500: nausea, within hours ● 700: vomiting ● 900: diarrhoea ● 1,000: haemorrhage ● 4,000: possible death within 2 months, if no treatment
  • 4. Warning of food radiation● Cases of contaminated vegetables and milk have already stoked anxiety despite assurances from officials that the levels are not dangerous.● The government has prohibited the sale of spinach from all four prefectures near the plant and also banned selling of raw milk from Fukushima prefecture.
  • 5. CT scan radiation● Old times, CT scans done in 2007 alone will cause about 29,000 cancers and kill nearly 15,000 Americans.● The radiation dosage from one scan typically ranges from a few millisieverts comparable to the yearly background radiation from natural sources to tens of millisieverts.
  • 6. Japan emergency workers● Nuclear power plant may give emergency workers "lethal doses" of radiation.● It would be very difficult for emergency workers to get near the reactors.● The doses they could experience would potentially be lethal doses in a very short period of time.
  • 7. Tokyo water radiation● The radiation levels in Tokyo city tapwater has dropped back below the safety limit for infants.● The concern about radiation in water comes as workers try to prevent leaks of radiation from an earthquake-damaged nuclear power plant 150 miles north of Tokyo.
  • 8. Thank you for listening.