Radiation effects on_humans

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This is presentation about radiation.

This is presentation about radiation.

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  • 1. Radiation Effects on Humans s1180047 Kazuki Endo
  • 2. Overview● Unit of Measurement● Effects of Radiation● Three Mile Island● Chernobyl● Medical Treatment● Conclusion
  • 3. Unit of Measurement The unit to measure amount of radiations is the rem usually. The totalof the rem represents that human how much is exposed radiations. Inaddition, Many Japanese was received the rem at Hiroshima andNagasaki.
  • 4. Effects of Radiation Amount of the rem affect humans basically. Amount of the remdepends gets an outbreak. Doses of just 25 rem is that change blood of human a little. Doses of 100 rem is that dont represent disease soon. First sign ofdisease is the disease such as nausea, vomiting, headache and someloss of white blood cell. Doses of 300 rem is that cause hair loss. In addition, it affects intenseof human. Basically, the human that receive dose of the rem more than abovedoses will die.
  • 5. Three Mile Island Three Mile Island nuclear power plants have happened accident. Thereactor of the nuclear plant continued to stop for about 16 hours. Inaddition, Radioactive gas was released into the around. Therefore,about 140,000 people that live near the nuclear plants had to escape tosafe place. Stopping accident of the nuclear plant took for about amonth. So, stabilizing the nuclear plant need to use many costs.However, no one was injured by this accident.
  • 6. Chernobyl The Chernobyl nuclear power plants in Rossiya have happened bigaccident. The accident of the nuclear plant was more complex thanaccident until then. About 50 tons of nuclear fuel were released intothe area by blast of the nuclear plant. Large area of Chernobyl wascontaminated by those radiations. In addition, Many people was diedby those radiations. Still today, the people that is affected by thoseradiations is suffering.
  • 7. Medical Treatment Currently, there is no efficient medical treatment against radiation. Infact, depend on the person that is received radiation. Therefore, thedoctor can not examine the person exactly. However, There is way tohelp the person. It is blood transfusions and bone-marrow transplants.
  • 8. Conclusion Nuclear power plants have affected us continuously until now.Because nuclear power plants can create much electricity, it isnecessary for us. However, nuclear power plants are the most worstentity if big accident happens. Therefore, we have to think aboutentity of nuclear power plants now.