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  • 1. How Mc.Donalds run their business in China?
  • 2. Outline・McDonalds in China・History of McDonalds・McDonalds and KFC・Strategy of McDonalds・Safety of McDonalds・Summary・Reference
  • 3. McDonalds in China・There are 800 McDonalds restaurants and 26 drive-thrus in China.・McDonalds are 24 hour services in China.・In future, McDonalds in China focus on big cities and the eastern and central parts of China and add new variations in the combo meals.
  • 4. History of Mc.Donalds (1/2)・McDonalds first opened in China in 1990.・The first and second big McDonalds outlet was opened in Beijing on April 23, 1992.・McDonalds open the first drive-thru in November, 2005.・In 2006, McDonald’s agreed with the Chinese state oil company, Sinopec. It stipulated opening McDonald’s stores at any of Sinopec’s new and existing gas stations.
  • 5. History of Mc.Donalds (2/2)・In July, 2006, the first one of McDonalds at gas stations opened in neighborhood outside Beijing.・In 2007, there are 240 stores that McDonalds are 24 hour services in China.・In 2008, China was the largest market with 960 restaurants and over 60,000 employees.
  • 6. McDonalds and KFC・When McDonald’s open store in 1990, KFC had already been there for three years.・There are more than 1,900 KFC stores in China.・Both McDonalds and KFC are convenient and cheap.
  • 7. Strategy of McDonalds・McDonalds strategic plan in China was concentrate on core menu extensions, convenience and value.・Drive-thru is a brand new concept and the firsttrial of MacDonalds in China.・It opened up a Dollar Menu known as the Value menu that offered sandwiches and other items at a lower price.
  • 8. Safety of McDonalds・Food safety is the strength of McDonald’s in China.・All Chinese McDonald’s stores have hand washing stations and hand sanitizers in the main restaurant.・McDonalds conducts quality control inspections without notice.
  • 9. Summary・McDonalds in China, the points are taste, convenience and price.・McDonalds spread out steadily by providing outstanding quality, service, and value to customers.・By gaining trust from customers, McDonalds can broaden out their stores.
  • 10. Reference・CNBC TVhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26226387/ns/business- cnbc_tv/t/mcdonalds-has-big-appetite-china/#.TtSiZ1HfRpg・McDonalds in Chinahttp://www.icmrindia.org/casestudies/catalogue/Business%20S trategy/BSTR305.htm