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  • 1. How Rakuten isplanning to run theirentire business inEnglish?s1180033
  • 2. Outline1. Introduce2. History of Rakuten3. Why need English in Rakuten company?4. Aim at world business5. Rakuten company in the current6. Rakuten company in the future7. Summary8. Reference
  • 3. IntroductionRakuten is the leading Japan is a large groupcompany.Recently, Rakuten announced that in Englishthe official language of the company in order toexpand business overseas.This has become a big topic in Japan.Why, Rakuten is headquartered in Japan didthe the official language English? Ill decipherits intent.
  • 4. History of RakutenIn 1997, Founded the company M・D・M andopened Rakuten IchibaIn 1999, Its name changed to RakutenIn 2004, Established a professional baseballteamIn 2012, Unified into English the officiallanguage
  • 5. Why need English in RakutencompanyMikiya, president of Rakuten appreciate thegoodness of the service in Japan. Get to knowthe people of this goodness overseas, he makeEnglish the official language in order to connectto the expansion of the business.
  • 6. Aim at world businessIn the future, Rakuten thinking that theexpansion in 27 countries and regions in the e-commerce business, pushed up to 70% theproportion of the total overseas distribution ofRakuten Group. Maintain the GDP of Japan in the world
  • 7. Rakuten company in the current ● Strengthening English ● To expand the business, regional survey ● Further improve the quality of service in Japan ! Level up !
  • 8. Rakuten company in the future Connect the world in Win-Win commerce
  • 9. SummaryRakuten use English as a means to spreadthe goodness of Japan to the world. Then,by connecting the people of the world,including Japan, Rakuten thinking thathave to reaffirm the goodness ofJapanese technology and services get toknow Japanese.
  • 10. Referencehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rakutenhttp://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20100716f1.htmlhttp://www.slideshare.net/icestorm/case-analysis-rakuten-ichiba-presentation