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  1. 1. Why is the japanese yen so strong? s1180026
  2. 2. relationship● When I saw the relationship between Japan and the United States● Americans bought me a lot of automobiles and home appliances in Japan is so good performance is also cheap. I do not buy Japanese products are not cheap so much of America that one.
  3. 3. Payment of the proceed● For example, the payment of the proceeds of this happens● ) Plus 100 million Japanese yen-dollar● USA) negative $ 100 million● Increase the dollar becomes, in Japan. I come down even if more things worth the same as all trade bill. This is the normal mechanism of depreciation / appreciation of the yen U.S. dollars.
  4. 4. speculator● Can be changing in price speculation speculators coming in here, "because the dollar would sell me high government intervention to further the higher the yen, the dollar would have bought" on or . Interest rates and stock prices have also involved later.
  5. 5. What does strong yes means in the world market?● Indicates that japanese yen are credit in the world market
  6. 6. Discuss how Japanese export suffers due to the strong yen. For example in the story of the car.● $ 1 = 100 yen appreciation● $ 1 = 200 yen weaker yen● As,Ive exported to the United States and the Japanese car, the car of one million yen,● When $ 1 = 100 yen appreciation, you will be paid $ 10 000 United States of America.● $ 1 = 200 yen when the yen depreciation, you would pay $ 5,000 United States of America.
  7. 7. america buy car● Who at the time of the yen, sell high, so the same things one million yen,● I think it might be advantageous to export and the yen.● However, the United States to buy a car is not just Japan.● Those in the $ 5000 to buy it, to $ 10 000 in the appreciation of the yen, the U.S. will not buy it.
  8. 8. Many country sell the car● You sell the car, not only in Japan.● They sell the car, such as Korea and China, but also in other countries.● (Korean won fell much less)● When the yen, but you might think so that we have a lot of money when you export Morae,● In Japan, the price of the product will be the same if they were raised was from trading partners,
  9. 9. effect● Because Japanese products will not buy me, I think the appreciation of the yen becomes unfavorable to exports
  10. 10. summary● Becomes higher when viewed from the foreign Japanese products, I have reduced exports, trade disadvantage● Foreign products so cheap, imports increase● Foreign labor costs becomes cheaper, the hollowing out of industry has increased local production