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  • 1. How Amazon Works? s1170225 Naoki Okada
  • 2. How about Amazon● In 1995, sold its first book, whichshipped from Jeff Bezos garage in Seattle.● The story is an e-commerce dream, and JeffBezos was Time magaziness Person of the Yearin 1999.
  • 3. sells lots of stuff.●● The direct Amazon-to-buyer sales approach isreally no different from what happens at mostother large, online retailer expect for its range ofproducts.You can find many goods.●
  • 4. Basic● Customer tracking is an Amazon stronghold. Ifyou the Web site stick a cookie on your harddrive.● The other main feature that puts Amazon.comon another level us the multi-leveled e-commerce strategy it employs. letsalmost anyone sell almost anything using itsplatfrom.
  • 5. Amazon Technology●The massive technology core that keepsAmazon running is entirely Linux-based.●Amazon data warehouse is made up of 28Hewlett Packard servers, with four CPUs pernode, running Oracle 9i database software.
  • 6. Amazon Technology● The data warehouse is roughly divided intothree functions: query, historical data and ETL.●The query servers contain 15 TB of raw data in2005.● The historical hold 14 TB of raw data.● ELT cluster contains 5 TB of raw data.
  • 7. Amazon E-commerce● has always sold goods out of itsown warehouses.●Large retails like Nordstrom, Lands End andTarget use to sell their products inaddition to selling them through their own WebSite.
  • 8. Amazon E-commerce●Small sellers of used and new goods go toAmazon Marketplace, AmazonzShops orAmazon Auctions.●Another sales channel called AmazonAdvantage is a place where people can sell newbooks, music and movies directory from theAmazon warehouse instead of from their home orstore.