Peer Review Exercise #1


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Peer Review Exercise #1

  1. 1. Peer Review Exercise # 1 1. This document is divided into two parts that are the introduction and the instruction. The instruction is organized into 5 sections and explains how to install a sound card on your computer. The instruction have a small figure that shows you things you'll need in addition to the explanation by some sentences. 2. I think that there are some parts hard to understand. For example, after I finish inserting a sound card to PCI slots, there is no explanation about where I should reconnect a cable. The readers will have less understanding because the figure which describe where PCI slots are is not on this document. 3. Step 1 tells you disconnect all cabling and expose the inside of your computer. The next step explains what PCI is and shows where PCI slots are. Step 3 says how to insert a sound card to the PCI slots. In the document, it also says how to close the computer case and connect cables. Finally, it insist that if you finish the process successfully, your computer would begin to communicate with other computers. 4. I think that the place where the PCI slots are is difficult for me to imagine. Not only this explanation but also other directions is written ambiguously through all of the page. If I finish the work successfully, the means which ensure how the computer will work is not written on the document. 5. Each step organized simply and readable is a good point. In addition, visitors can know whether they are intended as a reader of this document or not because of the difficulty showing the visitors. If the visitor thinks too difficult for them, they can return from the document page without wasting of time. 6. I think that respective steps only has too short explanation as if the writer who wrote this document limits the range of the readers. The work that pull a cable out may be difficult for a beginner. The shortage of the explanation about each operation is fatal because this document says the difficulty of there steps is moderately easy. 7. My suggestion is to take some pictures to show the reader how to progress these process and make some figures which express these steps written in the text document. Moreover, I will write some notes which describe the portion that is hard to understand after I experience the process in the document. 8. First, we can write a document included the parts which is difficult for us to understand because we have the member who have little knowledge about the computer system. Second, we are going to include many pictures which help the reader understand. Last, we will have the place such as an electronic bulletin board so that the reader can ask a question about our document.