Individual Section Development Exercise #5


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Individual Section Development Exercise #5

  1. 1. Individual Section Development exercise # 5 GroupA INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. Because, if customers are asking question when they has a trouble in the shop, an instructional guide supports to customer. It has eleventh instruction manuals writing tips. It is "Decides on your slant, Give some special information, Decide how to do list materials, Think through your instructions, Use formatting to clarify, your message, Consider illustrations, Use active, clear language, Answer your readers questions, remember safety, Test the instructions, and Use a trusted editing service.". They are very important. B. 5 major points are " YOUR OUTLINE TOPIC, START WITH THE SUPPLES, MOVE STEP BY STEP, DO THE PROJECT, and KEEP IT SIMPLE.". 1. YOUR OUTLINE TOPIC: you can teach someone how to do something successfully and need to conceptualize which aspects of the project. 2. START WITH THE SUPPLES: To list the supplies the reader will need for the project. 3. MOVE STEP BY STEP: The task is long pragraph. instruction manual into special detailed steps. 4. DO THE PROJECT: instruction manual details tangible project, complete it using only guides. 5. KEEP IT SIMPLE: you needs to use short sentence and simple words. C. Because, " YOUR OUTLINE TOPIC" is complicated. For example, how to play the piano. you make list each chepter and outline points. "START WITH THE SUPPLIES" is the most logical way to start manual. making sub steps, " MOVE STEP BY STEP" is that if one step requires different tasks. " DO THE PROJECT" is that if it is difficult to do, ask a friend for complete project. "KEEP IT SIMPLE" is that the reader can't understand what you are saying, they won't be able to complete your project. D. First, we are making of " how about chepter and outlines points of vegetables and fuilts" Second, Our products is writing that they most logical way to manual is to list supplies will need for the project for th reader. Third, Explaining to long paragraph, break manual into special detailed the steps. Direction can give possible. If one step require differents tasks, create sub step. Fourth, complete using only guides. If you has trouble ask a friend to use to the project. Last, use short sentences and simple word. Manual needs to clear and readable. CONTENT ORGANIZER A. We can promote an instructional guide when a technique developer develops new techniques. A technique developer needs to design an instructional manual if he make useful techniques that help a grower work efficiently. Once an technique developer makes instructions, we do not have to ask an technique developer if some problems happened. B. The instructional guide explained how to send an email. 1. Open the email menu and press the key printed a picture of a letter envelope. 2. Select "new mail". 3. Specify an address. You can select some addresses and it from the address book, the receiving history and sending history. 4. Enter a subject. 5. Assign an appendix. You can append a movie or picture with your email. If you need not append anything, you can leave this form empty. 6. Write a massage. You can enter a text including up to 10000 characters. 7. Press the enter key and finish entering a massage. 8. Confirm the content of your email such as an address, a subject, an appendix and a massage. 9. Press the key printed a picture of a phone handle and a word "pair" to send the email. 10. You can cancel sending the email by pressing the key when you use to send an email after you have just sent the email. C. A company have to think of what they should explain to make an instructional manual. The work that there are many questions about it and everyone will be able to do it by making the manual need an instructional guide.
  2. 2. If there are past manuals on the similar work, a company should find these manuals to compile them in a new manual and be readable. After these steps, a company have to find the people who know about what a company need to explain well. A company should gather up an opinion of people who need an instructional manual on the work because experts may not know the mind of people who use an instructional manual. D. instruction: Directions for a process of a work or something to do. manual: A book contains some instructions to do a particular work. outline: A rough concept. It shows rough work flow. step by step: When you do something step by step, you do it a little bit at a time and carefully. simple: The simple thing is easy to understand for everyone.