Individual Section Development Exercise #4


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Individual Section Development Exercise #4

  1. 1. Individual Section Development exercise # 4 GroupA INFORMATION RESERCHER A. Technical communication must be logical, evenly considered and unbiased. This report also needs to be logical and unbiased. B. ・There are five common factors of feasibility; these factors are to be selected aptly. ・The project needs to be properly determined. ・There is a format for feasibility report. C. ・Feasibility study has some factors divided by objective of a analysis. ・After feasibility study, we must report; we should learn the proper form of the report. ・We should know the exact meaning or the way of feasibility study. D. Under the estate development project, it is so important to determine where best location is because market feasibility study is usually to test the geographical location. Developers are in the jurisdiction to determine the best location often used to test a given parcel of land by researching market. We must complete feasibility study before approving the application for permission for commercial office. CONTENT ORGANIZER A. We must come to a conclusion, and must recommend that some action is taken or is not taken and/or that some choice is adopted or is rejected. We must be unbiased and your approach must be logical. We must be sure that we know the precise purpose of the proposed project and also its scope. B. A feasibility report of suitable format. 1. Abstract : Concluding the contents. 2. Summary : Sentences and meeting of contents are very short contents. 3. Contents list : List up heads. 4. Glossary : If difficult words come, it is explained to the customer. 5. Introduction : A feasibility report of introduction is purpose and scope. 6. Discussion : Reporting Contents. 7. Conclusions : Report is concluding very short. 8. Recommendations : How to do we want customer to use our experience. 9. References : If necessary, you were be list up using thinking book. 10. Appendixes : With books. C. First, we are deciding the research of theme. Second, If we decided it, we are looked up experiment, book, Internet. Third, if you know the research of theme, we must be concluding the feasibility result. Fourth, we finish concluding the feasibility result, we are checking mistaken sentences. Finally, we finished checking mistaken sentences, we can begin to speak presentation. D. Technology and system feasibility It is based on an outline design of system requirements in terms of out input, processes, output, fields, programs, and procedures.
  2. 2. Economic feasibility Analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a new system. Legal feasibility It determines whether the proposed system conflicts with legal requirements, e.g. Operational feasibility It is major of how well a proposed system solves problem, and takes advantage of the opportunities identified scope definition how it satisfies requirements identified in the requirements analysis phase of system development. Schedule feasibility It is useful to be a project will fail if it takes too long to be completed. Schedule feasibility is a measure of hoe reasonable the project timetable is. PLAN DEVELOPER A and B C. 1. Technical feasibility study 2. Financial 3. trouble-shooting 4. long-term planning 5. technology