Complete Document Design Exercise # 3
The important thing wh...
use computer not only research, but control amount of produce of vegetables. And, we not only produce
vegetables, but rese...
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Complete Document Design Exercise #3


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Complete Document Design Exercise #3

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 3 GroupA A. The important thing when we launch our business is to produce high quality products and to encourage the local agricultural activity. First, we hope that the improvement in health of the people who has lived in this area by offering fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables. Not only the students of the University of Aizu but modern people are likely to have less vegetables. However, even if they know vegetables help their health improve, they do not want to eat distasteful foods. Therefore, we want to produce the delicious fruit and vegetables which everybody wants to eat. Second, we want to make safe products and remove the people's anxiety about foods. We are feel that the anxiety about crops is increasing because of some recent news reports. The fact that the University of Aizu students who relate to the local area closely are growing vegetables will guarantee the safety of our products. Finally, we are going to communicate the young students work in agriculture to the local people and encourage the agricultural activity in this area. Now, to see the lively agricultural activity is almost impossible because the people who engage in the agriculture industry or other people do not have so good image on agriculture. We set our objectives that we will work to be able to communicate the pleasure of agriculture to the local people and increase the farm population. B. ・It is important for us to find where we can make a field and produce crops such as the court of the research quadrangles, the square in front of the gymnasium and the park which has the pond next to the athletic ground. ・We want to ask the stores surrounding the University of Aizu to advertise our company. ・If we are recognized as the official company supported by the University of Aizu, we can use the name of the university for advertising our company. ・We will learn the agricultural technique by helping the farmers who are in this area. Moreover, this activity is a good opportunity to let the local people know our company. ・We are planning to produce fruit and vegetables and sell our products inside the University of Aizu. We can impress consumers with the point that our vegetables are the products made in the University of Aizu. C. We will be use handbill and Internet, sell in many shop. Handbill has with newspaper. Handbill can introduce our foods and price. Internet can introduce about our company and our goods, buy the fruit and vegetables on online shop, how to make fruit and vegetables, and be very easy to answer for questions of customer. Selling shop can see to not fresh or new fresh. Also, our food cooks for cock, setting eating corner in shop, and eats to customers for free. If we can use these way, we will be friendly and be glad to for customer and our company. Our company will be success in future. D. Our slogan is "The fruit and vegetables are very health and fresh". They ware not using poison medicine, growing very nourishment solid, using very beautiful water, growing very height place and very beautiful air, and growing comfortable environment. They were growing by these promises of taste is very delicious. Also, they were growing in the green house on flat land. The fruit and vegetables can grow in all the season. Finally, if you can buy the fruit and vegetables, you can eat and cook. Our fruit and vegetables will be happy, enjoy, and health for your life. E. We want University of Aizu to help to offer some land to produce vegetables. Also, We want University of Aizu to help to offer some compost made by fallen leaves. And, Our vegetables will be sold in shop of University of Aizu. Or, We will get our vegetables to be cooked in cafeteria of University of Aizu. Further more, if we produced too many vegetables to eat in University of Aizu, we will sell these by Internet to eat these for people live in Japan. And, we want to research on automation of producing vegetables. We will need some computer to research. Because of this, we need cooperation from University of Aizu. F. We will need land to produce vegetables, seeds of vegetables, fertilizer, and several computer. If there is no land to produce vegetables, or seeds of vegetables, we can not any vegetables. And, our vegetables will never be used any agricultural chemicals, it is important to use fertilizer to bring up our vegetables. Further more, we
  2. 2. use computer not only research, but control amount of produce of vegetables. And, we not only produce vegetables, but research on automation of producing vegetables. Because of this, we think that we need some computer and a laboratory to research on automation of producing vegetables. G. One example is YOKOHAMA National University. In this University, a desolate vegetable store is set up in order to promote local production for local consumption. However, they sell produce which is grown by community farmhouses in stead of theirselves. Moreover, they issue a recipe book and put it in this shop for students help to cook easily; this is that novel idea. Next example is The University of Shiga Prefecture. Some students there sells community vegetables directly. Last example is Kyushu University. The university sets up some desolate vegetable stores in their university in order to to progress in students' health. Members of local farming organization sell community produce.