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  • 1. Submit In-class Presentation #4 (1) Group D s1170217 Narumi Watanabe s1170219 Keiko Igarashi s1170221 Riho Ito s1170224 Haruka Otaka
  • 2. Microsoft Office Word: Purpose of Microsoft Office Word is that writing a document. Advantage of this software is that this can save as various file form.
  • 3. GIMP: Purpose of GIMP is that to convert and draw the pictures and the photos. Advantage of GIMP is that to provide the variety of plug-in. Because this software is free, everyone can be using.
  • 4. This photography is start screen of Word. Word is convenience because new work space is opened automatically when we start the Word.
  • 5. This picture is start screen of GIMP. When you want to make the new work space, you should set up the size of image and choose the new image of file. Moreover, you can open the existing image file.
  • 6. Feature of Microsoft Office Word: Can type the characters. There are various fonts. This has function of spell check. Can insert the photography and chart. Can insert the comments. Feature of GIMP: You can type the words into the picture. There are the functions of layer and channel. GIMP can read and show in a variety of image file. And this can save with a variety of image file. There are the tools of rotation, zoom, reduction, cut and reverse. GIMP has many drawing tools.
  • 7. How to change the font type in Word. Step1: Step2: Click the icon of Word and start it. Type the characters and select it you want to change. Step3: Step4: When click the font type, font of the Chose the font type from tool bar. characters are changed.
  • 8. The step of GIMP Step2: Step1: Perform edits. This picture is You need to open the image files. convert color on image file. Step3: You need to save with image files. You should save after set up file name.
  • 9. Feature of OpenOffice.org Writer : This is free software. It takes time for starting it. It takes time for starting it. It has original file forms. There are function for changing magnification. (Zoom Slider) It is compatible with Microsoft Office Word.
  • 10. Feature of Photo shop: Photo shop is the expensive paid-software. Photo shop has more plug-in of third party than GIMP. This software can deal with more type of image files than GIMP. This software is suitable to convert a pile of image all at once. The work efficiency is good.