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    Sw3 week9-presentation Sw3 week9-presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Group D s1170217 Narumi Watanabe s1170219 Keiko Igarashi s1170221 Riho Ito s1170224 Haruka Otaka
    • Topic for Document Design Exercise # 3 ・Developing business plan help manage your business and enable you to achieve greater success. ・Business plan consist of the product/service , the market and the competition and so on.
    • Topic for Document Design Exercise # 4 A feasibility study analysis or evaluate whether the new technique is effective for a proposed project. We should write the fllowing contents in Feasibility report. ・Analyses and estimate data of technology feasibility ・Economic feasibility ・Legal feasibility ・Operation feasibility ・Schedule feasibility of proposed system
    • Importance of the documents for launching business Developing the business plan is important. This reason is that developing the business plan become goal. In addition, it is possible to make clear our customer, strength, and competition.
    • Dividing the responsibility in advance. The division of our business: ・Management of found ・Management of food ・Management of sanitary ・Development of new menu ・Waiter.
    • Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the documents? Before establish company Forecast sales and production. Divide the responsibility. Prepare the essential. ・Found ・Ingredient ・Location ・Employee
    • After establishing company Advertise ・Make the advertising display and place it. ・Produce flyers. ・Make the web-site. ・Advertise as commercial.
    • The major headings, questions, key words in the documents The questions ・When use the feasibility study? Answer : We use the feasibility report before we carry out our project. ・Why is the bisiness plan important? Answer : Developing the bisiness plan that can be clearly the porpus of our bisiness. ・What need the parts of the business for launching business. Answer : Development of new menu, waiter and management of found, food and sanitary.
    • The major headings Importance of the documents for launching business is that developing the business plan. The key words ・Business plan ・Feasibility study ・The division of our business ・A proposed project ・Advertise
    • How the roles were divided between group members? The divisions of our business are management of found, management of food, management of sanitary, development of new menu and waiter.