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  • 1. Submit In-class Presentation # 3
      • Group D
      • s1170217 Narumi Watanabe
      • s1170219 Keiko Igarashi
      • s1170221 Riho Ito
      • s1170224 Haruka Otaka
  • 2. Topic for Document Design Exercise # 5
      • ・ To help customers choose your product, we write the content which show the meal for a limited time only and the recommendation meal and popular in the menu.
      • ・ To help to sell our products better, we provide lunch time and make the discount ticket with in the flyer.
      • Role of representative
      • ・ To check a telephone and e-mail and respond to the consultations from customer.
      • ・ To contact the store manager and work to solve the problems as soon as possible, if there are problems.
  • 3. T hree things that we learn from this exercise
      • ・ We exert ourselves to take more flexible response.
      • - Because our concept is customers are most important.
      • ・ If there are the products packaged, we need a warranty for the products.
      • - Because it is necessary to make products packaged.
      • ・ To help customers choose your product, we needs the different strategies.
      • - Because it possible to sell your products better.
  • 4. Importance of the document for launching business
      • ・ Chairperson coordinates with other members in the company by holding firm member accountable for themselves work.
      • ・ Put inquiry counter for customer in our restaurant.
  • 5. Example of another business/company The restaurant  “ HO! LA! HO!” is similar company to our restaurant. . The similar plan or service --They use the local ingredient for menu. --The price of particular menu is discounted by age. --The lunch menu is discounted in lunch time.
  • 6. The logical arrangement
      • ・ Chairperson
      • ・ High quality dish
      • ・ Discount or promotion
      • ・ Installment plan
      • ・ Inquiry counter for customer
  • 7. How do you think your customers will be able to use instructional guides when purchasing your products?
      • The instruction guides is written step by step, so customer is not confused and understand easily.
      • The instruction guides explain effective and particular way, so customer use effectively.
  • 8. What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents?
      • Quality : Because quality of the product is very important for restaurant.
      • Promotion : Because it needed to sell our the products better.
      • Inquiry counter : Because it is important to hear the customer's opinion by it.
  • 9. How the roles were divided between group members?
      • Food manager : Watanabe
      • Fund administrator : Igarashi
      • Developer a new menu : Ito
      • Waiter : Otaka