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  1. 1. 1. What is the primary idea of the content in the articles? The primary idea in these two article is about banning cell phone use when driving. in first article, it is says that How to ban the use of cell phone in cars. surely, this article is explain how to stop using cell phone in cars. Second article is similar to first one. this article is also state about banning it. 2. Do you think the individual sections and headings in the document (articles) clearly represent the idea that was communicated. Explain the reasons behind your comments. I think article is very good at relation between headings and individual sections. Both article says people should not use cell phone when who driving in headings. And later, in individual sections, they says same opinion and detail about it. This format will not confuse readers. And it will be easy to find out mistakes. 3. What details are included in the articles? At first, they says young people who are less experienced behind the wheel should not use cell phone when who are driving. Second, these articles explains this action will have a relation with local laws about driving. Finally, they states every time people get behind the wheel of a vehicle, who's primary focus should be on driving. 4. Was there anything that was confusing? If so, what is it? In first article, it says cell phone will helps driving if you have some support applications. this will confuse people. Because in headings writer explains danger of using cell phone when driving. But in last paragraph it says cell phone will help your driving. What he says is full of inconsistencies. 5. What is good about the writing? Why is it good? The writer is good at separation of sections. separate with some major points into several sections will helps reader easy to understand it. Surely, do not have to read all of articles if there have separated sections. This will saves much reader's time. 6. Are there any errors that need to be corrected? In first article, it says cell phone will helps driving if you have some support applications. this will confuse refers. In headings writer states the danger of using cell phone when driving. But in last section, it states cell phone will helps your driving. 7. What specific suggestions for improving the articles can you make? There should no error in format. They should unite main idea of individual sections. Several idea will confuse people. If agree to cell phone banning when driving, writer should unite his idea. And I think these article's paragraph is too long. it should be use more pictures or reduce words. 8. Identify three basic differences between how your group would author a similar document and how this author authored it (as you see it in the link). At first, we want write it more clearly. we should decide our primary opinion. Do not confuse readers.
  2. 2. Second, we should use more pictures than these articles. This will attract readers attention. Finally, we want reduce more no good words and sentences. The article will be more simple if we do this.