How amazon works?
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How amazon works?






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How amazon works? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How Amazon Works? Group B s1170178 Yuya Ito s1170210 Hirofumi Hori
  • 2. What is Amazon?● Amazon started as bookseller, pure and simple.● Amazon is successful in a e-commerce business, and the innovation and business savvy that sustains is legendary.● had sites serving seven countries, with 21 fulfillment centers around the in 2006.
  • 3. Basics● Now, Amazon sells various products utilizing e-commerce in many countries.● is embedded marketing technique that personalize customers experience.● Customers can find products listed by third-party sellers.● Amazon has the affiliate program that lets anybody post Amazon link earn a commission on click-through.
  • 4. Amazon Technology and Infrastructure● Amazon has the worlds three largest Linux databases.● Amazon employs the Netscape Secure Commerce Server using the SSL.● Amazons technology architecture handles millions of back-end operations every day as well as queries from more than half a million third-party sellers.
  • 5. Amazon e-commerce(1)● At Amazon Marketplace, sellers offer products at a fixed price.● At Amazon Auctions, sellers sell products to the highest bidder.● At Amazon zShops, sellers sell only used products at fixed price.● Amazon Advantage is place where sellers can sell new products directly from Amazon warehouse instead of from sellers house or shop.
  • 6. Amazon e-commerce(2)● Amazon Service provides Amazons platform to company, and company builds Web site using Amazon software and technology.● Amazon.coms affiliate program called y Amazon Associate Program is one of the most famous on the Web, and anyone with a Web site can post a link to and earn a some money.
  • 7. Amazon Tools, Marketing and Community● Amazon recommends products are wanted to the customer based on information on the customer.● Amazon gathers too much information for comfort and Amazon started sharing customer data with its partners and subsidiaries.● The customer can provide information about the products and evaluate the product in a community on● Beyond e-commerce and e-commerces trapping, some of the more recent Amazon endeavors have the company branching out into new realms.
  • 8. Summary● Amazon enters the many countries market.● Amazon has one of the largest infrastructure, so Amazon can provide various Web service.● Amazon has good customer tracking on Web site.● Amazon has competitive advantages for due to Amazons valuable exposure to overseas markets.● Amazon is continuing to improve service and technology,