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Roy w12


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Submit In-class Presentation # 3 Group : G s1170207 : Naoki Hirao s1170208 : Junichi Fukuda s1170214 : Ryo Yamaguchi s1170216 : Zhaofeng Liu
  • 2. Topic for Document Design Exercise # 5 1. The Chairperson role of the company. 2. How to help customers choose your product. 3. A discount or promotion for our products that will help to sell our products better. 4. The way we package our products. 5. Installment plan for our products. 6. A customer service representative for customers.
  • 3. Provide three things that you learn from this exercise and why is it important? 1. To be known about our Chairperson. 2. Making an appeal for being able to offer our detailed services. 3. How to keep on customers.
  • 4. Importance of the document for launching business To say explicitly that our detailed services for customers. Detailed services are about : • Advertisement • Discount price • A way to sell our products by tenants • Payment method • After care service for customers
  • 5. Provide an example of another business/company where a similar document has been used. Show us the document example. Source: 89%E3%83%AF%E3%83%B3
  • 6. Explain the logical arrangement of the content in the document? 1. What is the chairperson? 2. How to get many customers more 3. About discount price 4. A way to sell our products by tenants 5. How to pay fee for our services and products 6. A way that desk staff might help the customer
  • 7. How do you think your customers will be able to use instructional guides when purchasing your products? Customers can get information. • What is our company? • What can customers do at our company? • Fee of each services and products • How to pay fee for services and products • A way to get after care service
  • 8. What are the major headings, questions, key words in the documents? Why are they important? Supporting for customers The chairperson role Rate system
  • 9. How the roles were divided between group members? A chairperson is Zhaofeng Liu. A executive director is Junichi Fukuda. An accountant is Naoki Hirao. A part-time worker and customer service representative is Ryo Yamaguchi.