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  1. 1. 1. What is the primary idea of the content in the articles? One of this articles explain how to use car navigation systems. And it explain select route by point of interest. Other articles explain how car navigation systems work, how to run car navigation systems. And, It explain about Global Positioning System(GPS). 2. Do you think the individual sections and headings in the document (articles) clearly represent the idea that was communicated. Explain the reasons behind your comments. Yes, I do. Separated sections subtitle make to understand quickly and simply content in the sections. Sentence of each steps is clearly and simply so, reader can understand easy more. And, sentence in this articles are clearly and simply. This is very good for readers. 3. What details are included in the articles? Car navigation system capabilities depend on a global positioning system. Global positioning system use least four global positioning system satellites. They send information about location of each satellites and accurate time that be measured with atomic clocks which has on board. And, car navigation system use that information, calculates own location on the earth and show maps and route which are to go to user's selected destination. If the cars go out sideway from regular way, car navigation system shows new maps and route. 4. Was there anything that was confusing? If so, what is it? One of this articles explain steps about how to use car navigation systems. There are many indications for example, turn on the car's ignition, turn on the car navigation system, and press the menu button on the remote, etc. But these are abstract. If article is written with text only, reader can not understand what I should do in the concrete. I have a proposition that writer should set in pictures or figures for reader can understand easy.
  2. 2. 5. What is good about the writing? Why is it good? In one of this articles, at the first, sentence of each steps is clearly and simply. So, reader can understand easy. Second, separated sections subtitle make to understand quickly and simply content in the sections . Third, sentence of each steps is clearly but sections contents is written in detail. So , reader can get more deep knowledge. 6. Are there any errors that need to be corrected? One of this articles is separated many steps and sections, but volume of contents and sentence length in each steps are different, Sentence of each steps are long or short. These are same a kind of steps, but there is large difference in it including volume of information. Then, a section has short sentence is abstract, because it includes a little volume of information only. And a section has long sentence is able to understood readers. 7. What specific suggestions for improving the articles can you make? Because there is a difference in the information of each step as had spoken at the top, I connect a step to have a sentence having a short it whether I divide a step to have a sentence having a long into some steps having a short it and think that I should do it for a step having a long. Then this sentence explains a procedure to use car navigation system, but is hard to understand it only in a sentence. Therefore I suggest that I insert an image in each step. 8. Identify three basic differences between how your group would author a similar document and how this author authored it (as you see it in the link).
  3. 3. 1.We should write main summarize and conclusions. 2.We should write each sections and sentence that is more easy to understand. 3.We should insert pictures or figures for reader can understand easy. 9. Study the following video carefully and then summarize 10 major points that you were able to understand. 1 How to track a cellphone using GPS. 2 GPS capabilities are incorporated with most new phones. 3.Whether the first one is enabled and your cellular phone is enabled or not?It is enabled whether your service provider allows the position in GPS at the GPS position and the second. 4.Fact that there is service package by those data plans every month in Sprint Nextel. 5.It is called Family Locator. 6.It basically requested ten dollars a month on your each of of line. 7.There is one technology that is called MobileMe for the iPhone. 8.When you want to shift position, the button should be always stricken, and seen by us if we moved the telephone. 9. It puts to pursue the telephone, and it is not efficient really so much though it will be said to you where the telephone is. 10.The best bet is use the one like the Family Locator product by which some Sprint enables use.
  4. 4. 10. Study the following video carefully and then summarize 10 major points that you were able to understand. 1How to find exactly where is this now with GPS and map feature on your iphone3G or iphone 3Gs 2 We can find where we is now. 3.It is examined that you want just to strike here this small button so now. 4.It can be thought that it is not nearby supery doopery in the first task it, and you in it. 5.Information that it obtains you as the hours go by will be seen supply of the map function, and more more in the vicinity. 6.Feature that obviously more unbelievable, is more convenient. 7. We show it splendidly. 8.We reached the objective. 9.We struck the affluent elderly. 10.It zooms to the place where we are just in it.