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S1170194 S1170194 Presentation Transcript

  • How Mc.Donalds run their business in China? s1170194 Yusuke Sato
  • Contents・ Introduction・ Histry 1・ Histry 2・ BackGraund・ Strategy・ Conclution・ Summary・ More Information
  • Introduction・ The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened bybrothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino,California.・ Their introduction of the "Speedee Service System" in 1948furthered the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant thatthe White Castle hamburger chain had already put into practicemore than two decades earlier.・ McDonalds are opend in 119 countries and serve 58 millioncustomers each day.
  • Histry 1In 1990, McDonalds first opened in China. ・These streets were clogged with bicycles. But proseperity hasbrought an explosion in carownnership.In2002, there were 460 McDonalds around China.And In2004, there were 600 McDonalds.In 2005, McDonalds opened the first drive-thru.・ BMW driver entered the drive-thru on the exit side.
  • Histry 2In 2006, McDonalds signed an agreement with the Chinesestate oil company.・ Sinopec, granting it the right to open McDonalds stores at any ofSinopecs new and existing gas stations.In 2008, McDonalds is also major sponsor of the Olynpics.・Food safety is one more strength McDonalds is hoping to marketin China. Therefore, It can open in the Olynpic. 
  • BackGraund・ In 1990 open the MacDonalds,the street had a lot of parkedbicycles.・ The customer could not understand how the Drive-thru.・ It is a nightmarish problem in a developing country wherecorruption is rampant and safe food handling practices are stilllargely unknown.
  • Strategy・ McDnalds opened the first drive-thru outlet in November,2005. BMW driver entered the drive-thru on the exit side.・ Driven by extended hours and menu varieties, especially in China.・ All Chinese McDonalds have hand washing stations and handsanitizers.
  • Conclution・ Drive-thru could fixed what it has brought an explosion in carownership.・ McDonalds reported an increase in global same-storesales,  region saw 7.2 percent growth.・ Food safety is one more strength McDonalds is hoping to marketin China. And Its also a major sponsor of the 2008 Olympics
  • Summary20 years ago, McDonalds was largely unknown here, except asa symbol of the decadent west.Farst McDonalds open in 1990. These streets were cloggedwith bicycles.Now, some of the menu ideas developed in China have beenexported to other markets around the world. And the presenttime open more than 1000 McDonalds around China.
  • More Information・ McDonalds growing in Chinahttp://www.chinadaily.com.cn/business/2008-09/08/content_7007412.htm・ McDonalds has a big appetite for Chinahttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26226387/ns/business-cnbc_tv/t/mcdonalds-has-big-appetite-china/