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  • 1. Submit Individual Sections Development Exercise # 1 (Due Week 2): Tuesday 4th group B 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. Accoding to some articles, major points for Ramen-shop are cheep, delicious, fast cook, secure low materials, and sanitary control. B. First, these points are important because it is a customers' hopes. If your shop become their favorite shop, they will come again. It is important to ahieve customer's hope. Second, most of Japanese food shops provide high quality services. To manage ashop in Japan, you have to provide same quality services. Third, food secure is preventive disease. Forth, cleaning the shop effective for customers's feeling. Last, of course, it is important that Ra-men is very delicious. C. First, to think before writing or sending e-mail, because it may be more better to call cellphone, FAX, etc... Second, to check spell before sending e-mail. If someone read wrong word, it isnot good effect on you. Third, keep it brief.Forth, know e-mail system, especially, how to use CC. Finally, use filter and clean up your inbox folder. D. If you send an e-mail, it is important to write carefully, because e-mail's sentences are tend to be wrong. For example, miss spell, miss address, etc... If you send business letter, you should stop to send it and look it again and again. 2.CONTENT ORGANIZER Dear Personnel Director, It is necessary that visitor voice,secure raw materials, article development, sanitation, cheap, delicious,fast to conduct a business.Moreover, in order to please our customers, we are all aspects of toes, making you need a good shop.Finally,it is necessary that any shop at any time, provided that the taste is not changed. 3.PLAN DEVELOPER
  • 2. Complete Document Design Exercise # 1 (Due Week 3) Email To: Dr.Brine From: B Group Subject:Ra-men shop A. We want to see customers' smile, and e want to eat ra-men from their favorite. B. We can provide cheap and good food to many customers. C. First, we will get land and store, employee staffs, make new menus, buy equipment, and get flesh food. D. Post Chef: Kuroki Koch: Kato Head waiter: Sato Office: Chiba Internal Memo Date 4,27,2010 To: Dr.Brine From: B Group Subject: Ra-men shop A. Ra-men shop. B. Let's be delighted to provide more delicious products faster to more people for their casual dining scene at lower price. C. We must always provide delicious ra-men shop. We must provide better products and be best food service company, we must make our ra-men grobal standard in the world. D. We cherish our customer. We cherish our employees. We work hard to provide best food. We measure for food safety carefully. E. Our target is student, family, and all of people who wants cheep and delicious food. F. As a short term, we start to attract many customers. As a long term, we make our ra-men grobal standard in the world. G. We emphasize trust and atmosphere. Our competitive strength with price and speed. Our heart and soul, ra-men love, bring success to us.
  • 3. Individual Sections Development Exercise#2(Due Week4) INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. 1.The safety that we think about is "Customer hub. " 2.The cleaning is the one defended by the sanitary supervision. 3.The cleaning is the one defended by the sanitary supervision. The cleaning is the one defended by the sanitary supervision, and the cleaning is the one defended by the sanitary supervision. B. Because I think the guest is pleased. The reason, the food is that the sanitary supervision is important Delicious is important. The guest comes easily when our shop is clean. These point is our shop advantage. C. We contribute all information. And, it talks all and the adoption is decided. D.So, I think the relation the offer of nice meal and secure surroundings. CONTENT ORGANIZER A. First, the introduction of the menu to put at the store, to call in the customers. We have also explained to food safety and food security to get customers. In addition, those customers disagree with to save. B. Main headings are Food Safety,Menu, Selling point, Allergy Information. C. The 5 major points are that Shop Name, Address , Phone number, Opening hours, Map. D. For customers, to make you feel delicious food to be on the menu. To help customers understand that it is a good store. To help customers understand the overview of the store. PLAN DEVELOPER Link:
  • 4. Ramen shop Kogakuen(Week5) purpose A local ramen shop going globall. Using pure Aizu water, we started locally, but we're going global. We use pure Aizu water and ingredients. Menu Chinese oba ... 250 yen miso­ramen ... 350 yen sio­ramen ... 350 yen fried rice ... 300yen Dumplings ... 150yen Drink(orange, coke, meronso­da) ... 150yen Selling points Cheap, fast, pure and delicious Address 0240­xx­xxxx Aizuwakamatsu city , Ikkimachi
  • 5. Individual Sections Development Exercise # 3 (Due Week 6) Information Researcher A. 幸 楽 苑: 業種別スタートアップガイド: 飲食店はデザインで勝て!: B. Which contains the necessary procedures to entrepreneurs. Which contains examples and financial considerations. Which contains policies and how to respond to customers when you run a ramen shop. How has the research, documented around the restaurant before planning the start. A way of the emphasis of the personality of one's shop. C. Matters that require attention that are necessary before a company ,and the method of the waiting on customers that is necessary after a company, and a lot of information that is necessary for ramen shop is mention. D. They are described as examples of the necessary information and notes for entrepreneurship. Content Organizer A. An information researcher collects the information about the ramen shop. Consider the structure of sentences based on that information organizer. After that, Here is a Mind Map. B. Major headings are Why Did The Ramen Shop,Shop Feelings, Business Operations. Why Did The Ramen Shop. -> Why choose ramen, or why a Aizu. Shop Feelings -> That the Community. Business Operations -> Product Information, Store Information. C. A time limit, a budget, the staff, a post, policy D. Because at first we had to ride the idea of the company. Furthermore, because you had to put necessary information for a company. Plan Developer
  • 6. Complete Document Design Exercise # 3: (Due Week 7) Cover Page 1. The name of the business is Byakko ramen Company. 2. The address of this business' company is Aizu-Wakamatsu city, Ikkimachi. 3. Telephone number is 0242-24-xxxx. 4. Group B members(Yukihiro Chiba, Yusuke Sato, Kengo Kuroki, Ryo Kato). 5. Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the coverpage) 6. Submitted to Toho Bank.
  • 7. Executive Summary A. This business, Byakko ramen, will serve healthy and delicious ramen. B. The business will make profit which is about 30,00,000 yen in first year, and make our ramen global standard in the world finally. C. First, a shop of this business will open in AizuWakamatsu city, and serve inexpensive, heavy ramen to students mainly. Then, the shop will become popular among young people in Aizu- Wakamatsu city, and expand this business and its area. D.The business will make much profit, about 10,000,000,000 yen in a year, and make people living in the world ramen fan. If you're obtaining a loan or equity your Executive Summary should also include: A. The company of this business is public company. B. This plan request 15,000,000 yen and it will be paid back for ten years. C. 15,000,000 yen is some of cost for Generation equipment, Land, Renovation, Labor and Equipment. D.By budget of 15,000,000 yen, this business will be grow monotonically.
  • 8. The Business: Description of the Business 1. Description of the Business 1. The business of Ramen shop located leased space at Ikkimachi, AizuWakamatsu city, and the estimated date is April 20xx. 2. The shop will use clear water in AizuWakamatsu and give a fair for students to draw freshman and other young people. 3. We are going to operate our Ramen company based on community, and our target is all of people in those community.
  • 9. The Business: Industry Analysis • Is it a fad? → No, it isn't. • Is it seasonal? → Yes, it is. • Is it increasing or decreasing? → It is increasing. • Does it simply grow with the population? → Yes, it does. • Is the market always there, always the same? → Yes, it is. • What are the factors affecting the growth of the market, and of market share? → To get many customers, our target is all of people in those community. • Where are they located? → At Ikkimachi in AizuWakamatsu. • How large is the market? → It is entire of AizuWakamatsu. • What are their characteristics? → It is based on community at AizuWakamatsu, and we are going to use ingredients from AizuWakamatsu. • What percentage of that market is the business' share? → 40 percent. • Who are the potential customers for the business' product or service?→ It is some students who cook their dishes themselves.
  • 10. The Business: Vision Statement In five years, Byakko Ramen will share the 80 percent of the market in AizuWakamatsu, and expand the business, Miyagi, Akita, Aomori, Iwate and Tokyo, futhermore, get businessmen as new target of target.
  • 11. Vision Trigger The main vision trigger will be catchy slogan: “Best Taste”. The vision trigger will express Byakko ramen shop's best and selling point, lower price and delicious. The vision trigger tell that Byakko ramen shop serve best food for price.
  • 12. The Business: Mission Statement Byakko ramen shop’s mission is presented below: We serve healthy and delicious to customers. We promise to effort to listening to customers' request. Our goals has been changing constantly to reach best goal. We provide best place for all people. We are proud of making our customers happy.
  • 13. The Business: Business Objectives Byakko ramen shop will have these business objectives during its first three years of operation: Owner draw of 150,000 yen per month in Year 1. Cash balance of 5,000,000 at the end of Year 1. Owner draw of 250,000 yen per month in Year 2. Cash balance of 3,500,000yen at the end of Year 2. Owner draw of 600,000 per quarter in Year 3. Cash balance of 2,500,000 at the end of Year 3.
  • 14. Business Operations: Marketing 1. Marketing Product: We cook and sell various kinds of ramen and side menu. Problem is food safety and speed to give a product to customers. Product attribute is we use Aizu clear water for cooking. Menu: Chinese soba, Misoramen, Sioramen, Fried rice, Dumplings, Drink (Orange, Coke, Meronsoda). Price: Methods of the pricing of the product is total of staff cost, utility cost, material cost and incidental cost. We keep on having maintained the price even if the pricing of neighboring competitors is lower or higher than us. Menu: Chinese soba...250yen, Misoramen...350yen, Sioramen...350yen,Fried rice...300yen, Dumplings...150yen, Drink...150yen Place: We are going to open a shop in Aizuwakamatsu city ikkimachi. Promotion: First advertising budget is 100,000yen, we will increase amounts of money step by step. We are going to timelimited 100 yen dumpling sale.
  • 15. Business Operations: Competitive Analysis 2. Competitive Analysis Major competitors of the ramen industry “幸楽苑” “幸楽苑”is the ramen chain that there are stores in the all over Japan. Chinese noodle 290 yen, and a set is 650 yen with a high thing. A price becomes lowpriced generally. In addition, there are menus of the season limitation. However, they do not sell it by mail order. “ 8番ラーメン” “ 8番ラーメン”is a ramen chain presenting a shop around the Chubu District. Vegetables ramen is famous, one cup of around 600 yen. They open a store in Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. They sell Dumplings by mail order. “山頭火” “山頭火”is a ramen chain that there are stores in the all over the world. There is little it when I compare the number of their menus with other shops. Because one cup of ramen is around 1,000 yen, they become the high pricing. They sell several kinds ramen and several kinds rice by mail “すみれ” “すみれ” is a ramen chain presenting a shop around the Hokkaido. Miso ramen is famous, but, for one cup of 900 yen, thinks it to be high pricing. They sell several kinds ramen by mail order. “味の時計台” / “味の時計台” is a ramen chain presenting a shop around the Hokkaido. The high pricing that is one cup of ramen 700 yen 1,200 yen. There is a strange menu called the king crab ramen of one cup of 2,100 yen. They sell several kinds ramen by mail order. Our strength is inexpensiveness of the prices and numerousness of the volume, but weaknesses is it is difficult to call in a person who particular about ramen. Using the weak point, we can make friendly atmosphere.
  • 16. Business Operations: Legal Structure 3. Legal Structure: Byakko ramen shop will be operated as a Corporation owned by D.S.Entrepreneur.
  • 17. Business Operations: Management Expertise 4. Management Expertise The owner,D. S. Entrepreneur, was engaged in management with a ramen chain after graduation at a university and became independent in five years later. Salary of key personnel is 300,000yen. Work of key personnel is cooking and management.
  • 18. Business Operations: Support Personnel 5. Support Personnel: The business will operate using local City, and Community College, junior college and high school students as its principal employees. The majority of the employees will work parttime with a fulltime manager. Student employees will earn 650yen/hr. initially with an opportunity for pay increases.
  • 19. Financial Information: Cash Flow Projections 1. Cash Flow Projections The following objectives are for the first three years of Byakko ramen shop. Owner draw 150,000 yen per month in Year 1. Monthly cash flow of 5,000,000 yen by end of Year 1. Owner draw 250,000 yen per month in Year 2. Monthly cash flow of 3,200,000 yen by end Year 2. Owner draw of 400,000 yen in Year 3. Cash balance of 2,000,000 yen end of Year 3. Source of Information: • Data from trade associations, technical journals • SBA resources such as SCORE and SBDCs • Other persons in similar businesses • Real estate agents • Major suppliers Time Line for Required Filings Food sanitation supervisor – need one day to attend the lecture. Accounting System Sources of Cash. 1. Personal Funds. The owner will invest 7,500,000 yen into the business. 1. Loans. The owner will borrow 15,000,000 yen from Toho Bank as a five-year revolving line of credit at 10%. Interest will be charged only on the amount actually borrowed with principal payments of 20% of the amount borrowed due each year (See item 26). 2. Cash Receipts. 15,400,000 yen in cash receipts net of sales taxes is estimated. This projection involves selling 10,000 chuka-soba, 5,000 miso-ramen, 6,000 double scoop sio-ramen, 5,000 Dumpling, 1,000 soft drinks sandwiches, and other foods and beverages. The total is calculated by multiplying the number of each item sold by their sales and totaling the revenue from all items. This is a conservative estimate of cash receipts. The Institute estimates that the industry average cash receipts last year for a start-up ramen shop were $194,000. 3. Available Cash. 4. Uses of Cash. 5. Equipment/Supplies. Basic is estimated to be $32,200. This expense includes: dipping cabinets, refrigerators, tempering freezer, threecompartment sink, stove, serving equipment, dishwashing equipment, and equipment installation. Operating supplies such as napkins are also included. Estimate is from Valley City Restaurant Fixtures Supply, Inc. 6. Vehicle Purchase/Lease. A utility van will be leased at $360/month for three years from Valley City Motor Sales for a total of $4,320. 7. Fixtures. Fixture costs will total about $9,300. These cost will include purchasing tables, chairs, and removable service items. 8. Security Deposits. Security and other deposits will include $5,000 for leaserelated deposits, $2,000 for utility deposits, and $2,000 for miscellaneous deposits for a total of $9,000. 9. Signs. Byakko ramen shop will have extensive Riverside Faire approved signage on all four side of the building. Signage and installation will cost $9,200 according to an estimate by Valley City Quality Sign Co.
  • 20. 10.Leasehold Improvements. Net leasehold improvements after the $10/sq.ft. allowance by the landlord will total $7,500. This estimate was provided by Smith Construction of Valley City and includes floor and wall coverings, window treatments, painting and decorating, window decorations, and miscellaneous minor improvements. 11.Cost of Goods Sold. Cost of goods sold is based on the sales projection of $154,000 and is estimated to be an average of 34% of sales totaling $52,360. This information was provided by an industry trade journal. 12.Telephone/Utilities. Valley City Gas, Electric, and Telephone Company estimate telephone and other utilities at $400/month for an annual total of $4,500. 13.Lease/Rent. Lease payments are $4,500/month ($3/sq.ft.) plus $275 for Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees for an annual total of $57,300. The first year lease cost is $40,500 reflecting the three months free rent allowance (($54,000-$13,500). The CAM fees must be added to this amount for a total of $43,800. This information was provided by the commercial real estate agent representing Riverside Faire. 14.Business License Fee. The business license fee based on business revenue (2% of gross revenue) will be $3,080 (License and Permits Office, Valley City). 15.Insurance Premiums. Goldsmith Insurance Agency, Valley City, estimated annual premiums at $6,000. These premiums will cover business liability, property damage, workman’s compensation, and all other types of insurance. 16.Office Expense. This item includes all office-related expenses including copying and paper supplies. The owner will perform office duties. Total is estimated at $2,000 annually based on the owner’s previous experience. 17.Legal And Accounting. Jerome and Associates, CPAs, and the Jensen, Barker, and Symthe law firm will provide basic bookkeeping, accounting, and legal services. Jerome and Associates, CPAs has a bookkeeping subsidiary, Personal and Business Bookkeeping LTD that specializes in low cost bookkeeping. This firm will be engaged for bookkeeping with Jerome and Associates providing tax preparation and other professional services. The total estimated annual cost is $6,760. 18.Advertising And Promotion. $9,000 will be allocated to the advertising and promotion campaigns discussed in the Marketing section above. Source is Valley City Creative Advertising. 19.Real Estate/Other Taxes. Real Estate and Personal Property taxes will total $3,700/year. The Management Office, Riverview Faire, provided this information. 20.Miscellaneous Expenses. $6,000 has been estimated for miscellaneous expenses based on information provided by the Institute. 21.Payroll. Wages total $46,200. This total includes 126 winter workdays, with one employee working 5 hours a day at $6.50/hour. It also includes 217 summer workdays, with two employees each working five hours a day at $6.50/hour. Payroll includes the manager’s annual salary, employer taxes such as FICA, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation, but does not include withholdings. 22.Payroll Taxes and Benefits. These are estimated to be $9,240, 20% of wages and include FICA, scholarships, and manager benefits.
  • 21. 23.Loan Payments (Principal and Interest). All of the $75,000 loan allocation will be used during the first year of operations. Assuming this amount was available at the beginning of the business’ fiscal year, interest at 10% totals $7,500. In addition, according to the loan agreements, principal payment of $15,000 was also required. One semi-annual payment of $7,500 will be made during the fiscal year while the second payment will be made at the beginning of the second fiscal year. The total payments for this category will be $15,000 (interest and principal). 24.Owner’s Draw. This information was obtained from Exhibit 2, Monthly Personal Living Expenses, and is $1,000 per month or $12,000 annually. This amount is increased in future years. 25.Total Expenditures. Total uses of cash. 26.Balance Remaining. Available cash (line 6) less Total Expenditures (line 28). Please note that balance remaining can never be a negative number because the Cash Flow Projections assume cash spent during the period. 27.Data. Numbers used to make calculations in spread sheet. For example, 0.34 is used to calculate Cost of Goods Sold which is estimated to be 34% of expected cash receipts for the following month.
  • 22. SUMMARY Byakko ramen will be successful. This business plan has documented that the establishment of Byakko ramen is feasible. All of the critical factors such as industry trends, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, management expertise, and financial analysis support this conclusion. We invite you to attend our grand opening. We promise that we will make the experience, "Best Taste" 1.
  • 23. Supporting Documentation 1. Resume D.S. graduated University and has worked in Food industry for five years. 2. Letter of Recommendation D.S. graduated high level University and he is very wise. I promise that D.S. Is a good manager. -- Yukio Hatoyama. D.S showed me a concrete and close plan to manage ramen shop. His plan is perfect and he will success surely. -- Naoto Kan. 3. Special Awards, Achievements reward for perfect attendance award for excellence highest award booby prize
  • 24. A. Why is it important to launch this business? We like ramen very much, so we would like to provide good ramen service. And ramen is very popular food. It is very good for food culture to spread ramen culture. B. Ideas for launching this business We will expand this business by managing based on each local community, for example, clear water and special product. C.How should we reach out to the potential customers. We will distribute handbills and discount tickets to adverse to potential customers, and we put up Byakko ramen shop poster around the area. D. How should we advertise our product ? We will distribute handbills and discount tickets to adverse to potential customers, and we put up Byakko ramen shop poster around the area. E. How could the UofA assist us? UofA can help us to manage this business with advertising Byakko ramen shop in mnews and putting up posters and distributing handbills. F. What do we need to start the business? We need money to prepare land and store, and employed and a filing which is Food sanitation supervisor. G. Give an example of a company who offers similar training program for corporate professionals. Korakuen, Santouka, Azinotokeidai
  • 25. Individual Sections Development Exercise # 4 (Due Week 8) 1.INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. - How to Write a Feasibility Report - Feasibility Study - How to Write a Technical Feasibility Study for ... -Feasibility Reports - Example of how to write feasibility report B. Something is written as the feasibility report. And it is written by a step as how to write feasibility report. Moreover, This is written a suitable format for a feasibility report. It is abstract, Summary, Contents list, Glossary, Introduction. C. A way of writing is written by a step and helps it because we are plain though we gather it up. In addition, when gather it up because the format which is necessary for a report is written; serve as a reference. D. A feasibility report examines a problem and its possible solutions. The report determines how practical the solutions are and what it might cost an organization to implement them. These types of reports are often used within technical organizations regarding product development. 2.CONTENT ORGANIZER A. Overall, what is your plan for designing the final document? First, We will explain the outline of our project and feasibility. Second, we will show the plan's basis and aim. Third, we will write the analysis of this plan and feasibility. B. Identify the major headings / paragraphs in the logical order of the document Summary Background The Proposed Project -Perspectives -Project Description -Implementation Schedule -Cost Estimates -Financing Plan -Conclusions and Recommendations C. Explain the 5 major points that you see in the final document. Background Perspectives Implementation Schedule Cost Estimates Financing Plan D. Explain the logical organization in the document. Why did you choose to organize the document this way? First, we will show the outline of this plan because it is easy to explain plan and report when listener knows its summary. Next, we will speak background of the plan before speaking detail of it. Last, we will show the plan and its analysis finely, and put together the report. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER
  • 26. Complete Document Design Exercise # 4 (Due Week 9) A. What was the basic purpose for launching this business? Write 5 points to explain how you think the idea / concept will be successful. We would like to launch this business in order to make ramen for many people. We like ramen very much. We want to expand ramen culture to the world. We want to see customers' laugh. We would like to cook more delicious ramen. B. How easy or difficult will it be to obtain the required permissions, the human resources, the machines to set up your business? Provide logical evidence to explain how you will obtain the necessary items and how it will be done successfully? Necessary permission is food sanitation manager, dietician, or cook. Sanitation manager is very easy to take it, to listen to lesson for a day. We advertise to UoA students for part-time job. Necessary items are a refrigerators, pan for business use. We prepare these items before opening ramen shop, in 1,500,000 yen. We will employ thirty students as part time job. C. Identify three problems that you might face while launching your company or obtaining the necessary items, setting up the location, obtaining the necessary permission etc. We will advertise our shop, practice cooking ramen, and teach part-time job how work in our shop. D. What will be some of the considerations when deciding on the following: a. company hours b. pricing of your product c. the location that will be rented or bought d. advertising your product. a. We will open at 11:00 a.m. And close 03:00 a.m. Because we have to clean floor and items in night. b. We will research other ramen shops' prices near our shop and decide our prices which is less then other shops'. c. We will open our shop near UoA, because our main target is UoA students. d. We will disperse leaflets to UoA students and other young people.
  • 27. Individual Sections Development Exercise # 5 (Due Week 10) INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. B. Because the point is written. Because the explanation about the point is written. Because many kinds are mentioned. Because they thought that there was much important information. Because they can be said to offer necessary information to achieve it. C. Because there was many necessary information to write instruction Manuals. In addition, because it is easy to understand because I write it, and it is done a step. D. Because it was written the point of instruction Manuals while I pushed forward the present project. In addition, because I wrote it, and it was done a step, it was easy to understand it, and there was many information that it was necessary. CONTENT ORGANIZER A. Overall, our plan is that offer the guest safety on safety and the hygiene side. So, trust is obtained from Guest. These are that aims the first. B. Capital Trust Safety A meeting Serving manners Opinion A food supply Practice and a result Taste Companion C. Practice and a result Safety Serving manners Opinion Companion D. We want to see guest's smile. It looks for a good even a little method for that. And, I want to value the future with the employee. We will speak Practice and a result of the plan before speaking.
  • 29. Complete Document Design Exercise # 5 (Due Week 11) A. Our shop is Community-based ramen shop. Our product is many kind of ramen and used pure water of Aizu. B. How to make ramen 1.Wash a hand. 2.Boil noodles. 3.Do the water cut. 4.Serve soup for a caliber. 5.Supply a caliber with noodles. 6.Make topping. C. Customer orders it to see the menu. Asked employees to start cooking it. D. Topping the dish given to the store. E. The purpose of the training of hygiene management and the service not letting a customer feel unpleasant. That the purpose of the training of the cooking procedure can offer a better product to the visitor fast. F. There is not the FAQ. There is help line. Our guide copes with Japanese and English. G. We call helper whether he can work now or not.
  • 30. Byakko Ramen Group B
  • 31. Web-brochure Byakko Ramen Purpose A local ramen shop going global. Using pure Aizu water, we started locally, but we're going global. We use pure Aizu water and ingredients. Menu ・Chinese soba ... 250 yen ・Miso-ramen ... 350 yen ・Sio-ramen ... 350 yen ・Fried rice ... 300yen ・Dumplings ... 150yen ・Drink(orange, coke, meronso-da) ... 150yen Selling points Cheap, fast, pure and delicious Address 0240-xx-xxxx Aizuwakamatsu city , Ikkimachi
  • 32. Business Plan Cover Page Executive Summary About Business: ・Description of the Business ・Industry Analysis ・Vision Statement ・Vision Trigger ・Mission Statement ・Business Objectives Business Operations: ・Marketing ・Competitive Analysis ・Legal Structure ・Management Expertise ・Support Personnel Financial Information: Cash Flow Projections SUMMARY Supporting Documentation
  • 33. Importance of web-brochure Propose: ・To have customers know a shop ・To give the popularity quickly Cost-Effectiveness per one month: ・Such a cost: 50,000 ・Customers by promoting increased: 3,000 ・Profit: 150,000
  • 34. Importance of Business Plan Propose: ・To make the prospect of the business we will launch newly, and it helps to put up objectives and to achieve it. ・To explain the details of the business setup to investors, and funds.
  • 35. Explain the logical arrangement of the content in Web-brochure ・ Name of the shop → To have customer learn the name of the shop. ・ Purpose → We write a purpose to give an impression on it. ・ Menu → We write a menu to have customers know an article. ・ Selling points → We write a point superior to a rival shop after having you know the summary of the shop. ・ Address → Contact and location to get to know the location of the store.
  • 36. Explain the logical arrangement of the content in Business Plan ・ Executive Summary → We have investors and funds know a summary of the management first. ・ About Business → We have investors and funds know a plan of the business. ・ Business Operations → We hava investors and funds know a contents of the business. ・ Financial Information → Income and expenditures of the money. ・ SUMMARY → To have investors and funds know a total summary. ・ Supporting Documentation → To have investors and funds know a career and the supporter of the owner.
  • 37. Importance of the keyword of web-brochure ・ Pure Aizu water → To appeal to you for local coherence. ・ Selling points → We write a point superior to a rival shop after having you know the summary of the shop. ・ Going global → Because it is goal. ・ Chinese soba → A recommended product.
  • 38. Importance of the keyword of Business Plan ・ Executive Summary → We have you know a summary of the management first. ・ Industry Analysis → Because the prior investigation is important. ・ Vision Trigger → Because I show the final goal of the byakko ramen. ・ Marketing → Because the setting of the price, points that require attention and the consideration about the advertisement are important. ・ Business Objectives → Because a short-term aim is written. ・ Financial Information → Because it is written about an incoming and outgoing in detail.
  • 39. Thank you!!
  • 40. Slide1 Now, we start the presentation by Group B. Our business is ramen shop that is named “Byakko Ramen”. Slide2 This is our Web-brochure. Our purpose is "A local ramen shop going global. Using pure Aizu water, we started locally, but we're going global. We use pure Aizu water and ingredients." Menu is “Chinese soba”, “Miso-ramen”, “Sio-ramen”, “Fried rice”, “Dumplings” and “Soft Drink”. Selling points are “Cheap”, “Fast”, “Pure” and “Delicious”. Address are telephone number, mail address and location, “Aizuwakamatsu city, Ikkimachi”. Slide3 This is a table of contents of Business Plan. Our business plan shows what is need, how should we do and how much money we prepare to launch our business. Further more, some kinds of analysis are written in it, such as Industry Analysis and Marketing. Our objectives and goals is specified in this business plan. Slide4 Now, we will explain the importance of Web-Brochure. One of purposes is to have customers know our shop. New shop is not known among most of people generally, so we advertise to people living in Aizu city to give popularity quickly. Next, we explain the brochure's cost and effectiveness. We anticipate the cost to advertise per one months is 50,000 yen and it will effect on our business, and our customer will be increase 3,000 people and profit will be increased 150,000 yen. Slide5 Next, we explain the importance of Business Plan. One of purposes is to make the prospect of the company and objectives clear. Second purpose is to explain our business plan to investors and funds. Slide6 Next, we explain the logical arrangement of the content in Web-brochure. At first we write a store's name in the top to have customers learn the name of the shop. Second, we will give an impression to a customers and wrote it to have customers learn a shop. Third, we had customers know a product and wrote it to have customers be interested in a shop. Fourth, We write a point superior to a rival shop after having told a visitor about the summary of the shop and do an attraction. Finally, we had customers know a place and the phone number of the shop and wrote it to have a shop come. Slide7 Next, we explain the logical arrangement of the content in Business Plan.    We have investors and funds know a summary of the management first.    Second, Description of the Business is written about our store's location and the opening date, in addition, a plan to draw customers, such as giving fare.    Third, Industry Analysis is to explain the characteristic of the industry.
  • 41.    Fourth, we show them Vision Statement. It is aim in short term.    Fifth, Vision trigger is catchy slogan, “Best Taste”.    Sixth, we explain Mission statement, that is like Management philosophy. We promise six statements.    Seventh, Business Objectives is written about management target of the short term of three years.    Eighth, Marketing is written about caution point, pricing, the place of the shop, and an advertisement.    Ninth, Competitive Analysis is written about analysis of the rival shop and a strength of the own company.    Tenth, Management Expertise is written about career of the owner.    Eleventh, Support Personnel explains how management with employees and part-time jobs.    Twelfth, Cash Flow Projections is explains specific flow of the money. Thirteenth, Summary is conclusion of business plan. Finally, Supporting Documentation is written about owner's career and supporter of owner. Slide8 Next, we explain Importance of the keyword of web-brochure. First, keyword is Pure Aizu water. Because this keyword appeals to customer for local coherence. Next, keyword is Selling points. This is written about a point superior to a rival shop after having you know the summary of the shop. Next, keyword is Going global. This is our last aim. Final keyword is Chinese soba. This is the recommendation product of our shop. Slide9 Next, we explain Importance of the keyword of Business Plan. First keyword is Executive summary, that says outline of our plan overall. Without this, we can't explain this plan. Second, Industry Analysis. It is about the prior investigation that is important to have investors understand our plan's concreteness. Third, Vision Trigger show our final goal of the byakko ramen which include our plan's possibility. Forth, Marketing connects directly to income and our business. Fifth, Business Objectives is written about short term aim, which tell us daily norm. Finally, Financial Information is written about movement of the money in detail. Slide10 Thank you!!