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Purezen4 1

  1. 1. How Mc.Donalds run their business in China? s1170187 Daichi Kikuta
  2. 2. About Mc.donalds and china● Jim Skinner set up the first McDonalds in China in Shenzhen in 1990.● For 2008, China represents one third of all capital expenditures in the Asia- Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, where the fast-food giant is in 37 markets, according to Skinner.
  3. 3. About china● There are 800 McDonalds restaurants in china and 200 more in Hong Kong.● China is the No 1 growth market for McDonalds, with 960 restaurants and over 60,000 employees.
  4. 4. History in 1990● McDonald’s first opened in China in 1990.● the leading global fast food chain chose Shenzhen, a pioneer Special Economic Zone in Guangdong province bordering Hong Kong, to open its first 500-seat store in the developing market.● When McDonald’s opened its first mainland store in 1990, rival KFC had already been there for three years.
  5. 5. History in 1992〜2002● The largest restaurant in terms of area for the fast-food behemoth was opened in 1992 at Beijing Wangfujing Street, the bustling commercial street of the capital city.● By the first quarter of 2002, there were 460 McDonalds around China.
  6. 6. History in 2004〜2005● There are 600 Mc.donalds at the end of 2004. At the same time, its arch rival in China KFC expanded its network to 1,200.● The Mc.Donalds opened the first drive- thru in 2005.
  7. 7. History in 2006〜2008● In 2006, McDonald’s signed an agreement with the Chinese state oil company, Sinopec, granting it the right to open McDonald’s stores at any of Sinopec’s new and existing gas stations ? all 30,000 of them.● McDonalds plans to have 1,000 stores in China by the end of 2008.
  8. 8. In summary● Mc.Donalds are going to continue our growth at a faster rate in China, while it has little to do with the association with Olympics, China is a huge market with great opportunities for businesses around the world, and its no different for McDonalds.
  9. 9. In summary● With more than half of its store in foreign countries, McDonald’s has long since given up trying to count how many burgers it’s sold. What it is counting on is a future where the Golden Arches continue to spread across the globe, generating more French fries, income, visibility.
  10. 10. Reference● http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/business/2008-● http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26226387/ns/bus